What Will John Cusack be Doing on Dec. 21, 2012? Skiing.


Wow, today has been an eventful day!

This afternoon I had a great interview with Dr. Mike Brown (a.k.a. the planet hunter who killed Pluto by discovering Eris) all about hate-mail, Pluto, Planet X and Nibiru. The full interview transcript will be online sometime during Wednesday, so be sure to check back soon.

Before I could catch a breath, I had to run to Downtown Los Angeles for the red carpet event of the premier for the new disaster movie 2012. I was especially chuffed that I was able to fire a few questions at actor John Cusack and director Roland Emmerich. Discovery News was given a good spot to ambush the actors and crew just before they walked through the doors of the Regal Cinema to watch the worldwide premier (unfortunately, I couldn’t get into that party).

Through a massive stroke of luck, I had my wife Deb with me (a.k.a. ace celebrity-spotter assistant) and we met up with our friend Edward Stencel (a.k.a. ace cameraman and director) who offered to capture the whole adventure in glorious HD. So I’ll save the details until the Discovery News video is edited and put online.

During the red carpet (or, more accurately, “black carpet” with the comedy text “2012 We Were Warned” printed in bold), I asked the usual questions to the cast, and probably the most refreshing response to my question “are you scared about what might happen in 2012?” came from young actress Morgan Lily (pictured right) who said that doomsday didn’t worry her, but ghosts were of a greater concern.

In fact, most of the cast were very chilled-out about the whole doomsday thing, overwhelmingly indicating that it was “just a movie.” Fortunately, the hysteria associated with the questionable marketing campaign for 2012 was absent from tonight’s proceeds.

Personally, my favorite part of the entire night was talking with the experts who advised the crew about Mayan culture and the science behind blowing stuff up. At one point, it became more of a discussion about the accuracies (and inaccuracies) of our understanding of the Maya rather than an interview. Also, a plasma physics expert was on-hand to discuss some doomsday physics, so we had a great time discussing the shortfalls in solar physics funding and some of the real risks associated with being hit my a solar flare from the sun (much to the frustration of another news team standing downstream from me).

Everything was a blur, a lot happened, fast. For all the details, you’ll have to see the video (coming soon), but it will be worth the wait as I get some juicy details from director Roland Emmerich and some personal thoughts from producer Mark Gordon. Unfortunately I totally missed out on meeting Amanda Peet, Thandie Newton and Danny Glover… next time…

But Discovery News DID get the scoop about what John Cusack will be doing on the real December 21, 2012. When I managed to shout that question over the clamouring news crews and microphones, he responded with, “I’ll be skiing.” And why not.

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