Sun Facts

Nov 20, 2012
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SDO Captures Eruptions on Sun
New high-definition footage from the Solar Dynamic Observatory shows coronal mass ejections, huge eruptions of plasma blasting into space before showering back down on the sun's surface. Discovery Space producer Ian O'Neill explains the phenomenon.
SDO Shines Light on Sun
NASA hopes the Solar Dynamic Observatory will turn its scientists into space weathermen. Discovery Channel?s Dave Mosher and Jorge Ribas learn more about the satellite that?s set to launch in December.
The Sun
What might life look like once the Sun is gone?
It's summer and we all know what a sunburn looks and feels like. This week Kasey-Dee Gardner answers the blistering question as to why we sunburn.
Why Can't We Look at the Sun?
You've probably always heard that it's not safe to look at the sun. This week Kasey-Dee Gardner finds out why our eyes are naturally sensitive to sun light.
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