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Jun 14, 2013
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NASA Will Pay You to Lay in Bed
How does getting paid $18,000 for laying in bed sound? Well NASA's ready to pay up! Laci explains why the agency is willing to cut the check.
How Space Weather Is Messing with Satellites
Space is a rough place. It's freezing, there's no air, and the weather is terrible! Trace explains what that 'weather' in space is doing to our satellites.
NASA Discovers Giant Black Holes by Accident
A powerful NASA telescope has found not one, but 10 supermassive black holes. And it did so by accident! Trace explains what exactly black holes are and why the discovery is so awesome.
NASA Brings WiFi to Space
Need fast internet? Go to space! That's right -- NASA is about to launch super-fast, laser-powered WiFi off the planet. Trace explains what the speedy connection will be used for.
Meet a Mars One Applicant: Ready to Leave Earth
Radford Uchihara has applied to be among the first humans to set foot on Mars as part of the Mars One program. Anthony talks with a person ready to leave planet Earth forever.
Our Favorite Chris Hadfield Moments
Chris Hadfield, the man who sang to us and broke down what life is like from space, is retiring! In his honor, Laci recounts some of her favorite moments from the beloved ISS commander, space musician, and teacher.
New Star Proves Einstein is a Badass
Einstein's theory of relativity is put to the test with the recent discovery of a massive neutron star. Laci shows how this new discovery makes Einstein all the cooler.
Preserving Outer Space Landmarks
We have landmarks and preserves here on Earth, but who's watching out for important places and things in outer space? Trace takes a look.
Dark Matter: It's Not a Death Ray
Dark matter makes up an estimated 80 percent matter in the universe. And, amazingly, we've never seen it! Until now. Sensors on the International Space Station have picked up its signature. In this DNews video, Anthony describes what it might loo ...
New Fusion Engine Gets to Mars in 30 Days
The speed of space travel is about to make a huge leap forward -- cutting a trip to Mars from an agonizing eight months to as little as 30 days! This is all thanks to a revolutionary nuclear fusion engine being tested right now. Trace explains ho ...
Space Food: What Astronauts Eat Today
Eating in space isn't all about Space Ice Cream. Astronauts also enjoy such delicacies as beef stroganoff and re-hydrated spinach. But getting all this food ready to be eaten in a gravity-free environment is way more complicated than you'd imagin ...
Voyager 1: Where To Next?
Has Voyager 1 left the solar system or not? Scientists seem to have a new answer every other day. And for that matter, where will the historic space probe go once it exits our solar system? Trace looks to the skies, and more importantly to scienc ...
Huge Asteroid Nearly Hits Earth
Does a HUGE asteroid passing nearby mean the end of humanity? Not quite, but wait until you hear just how close a call it is.
4 Biggest Asteroid Strikes Ever
The devastating meteor crash in Russia made us wonder, how many other big strikes has the planet taken? Trace found out and counts down the top four biggest asteroid strikes to ever hit Earth!
GIANT Meteor Hits Russia
The meteor that hit Russia was fairly big, but the larger asteroids that fly by are filled with precious metals that some hope to actually mine and bring back to earth! As crazy as it sounds, scientists and engineers are hard at work trying to ma ...
INCOMING! How Meteor Warnings Work
Exploding meteors! Near-miss asteroids! Aahhh!! Can we get some warning next time? What do we do if not? Trace finds out who's watching the skies.
Russian Meteor: The Full Story
Scientists from around the world have been all over the Russian meteor that exploded over the Ural Mountains. We now know the size of the massive space rock...and just wait till you hear how fast it was moving! Anthony has all the details.
SETI Fail: No Alien Life Found
No ETs for SETI. Yet. But was their search doomed from the very beginning? Trace and Anthony join up and take a look at where they may have gone wrong.
Pluto's New Moons: Play the Name Game
Astronomers need your help naming the two recently discovered moons around Pluto. But there are rules to this interstellar name game. Trace has the details.
Want to Colonize Mars? You Can!
A company called MarsOne wants to launch the first human settlement on Mars in 2023. They are currently accepting applications, but as Trace reveals, there's a huge catch.
Peace Out, Voyager 1
NASA has had an epic week so far with both the Curiosity and the Voyager. Anthony Carboni asks: which spacecraft is more likely to find life in space?
Could SpaceX Save the Dreamliner?
Batteries built for space on a Boeing 787 Dreamliner? It could happen! With the safety issues plaguing the 787 Dreamliner, Elon Musk of SpaceX and Tesla Motors has offered Boeing its battery technology. But will a company, once the world's leader ...
Sex in Space: How It's Done
Sex in space. Sounds like fun, right? Has it been done before? And is it even possible? Laci takes a look.
Jetpacks! Bird Bachelor Pads! This Week's Crazy Videos!
A real jetpack you can fly in! Male bowerbirds know how to attract the ladies! And finally, a machine to separate the cream from the cookie in Oreos. Thank God. Check out our top 3 videos of the week!
The Cost of Living on Mars
Relocating to Mars is expensive business! From transportation to food to communication with the outside world for sheer sanity--Anthony breaks down all the variables to make a successful move.
The Moon Is So Damn Awesome
After a 40 year break, we are going to go back to the moon! Which is awesome because as Trace will tell you, the moon's got everything we could want and more!
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