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Nov 20, 2012
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Prometheus: Asking the Big Questions
In the new sci-fi flick Prometheus, a crew of scientists are off to answer life's biggest question: why are we here? Their journey in space confronts major social issues as well, before they must fight for their lives together. Martin Berman reports.
The Science of Prometheus
With close attention to detail, Ridley Scott makes sure his newest sci fi film Prometheus looks "technical and not magical." Martin Berman talks to the director and cast highlighting the science behind the film.
John Carter: Sci-fi Classic Still Inspires
Now 100 years old, the John Carter stories have inspired characters real and fictional. Martin Berman looks into what makes a Sci-fi classic.
Solar Storms: 5 Reasons to Care Right Now
2012 has seen some of the highest levels of solar activity ever recorded. But what can solar storms do to you? Daron Taylor takes a look at what these intense geomagnetic storms mean.
John Carter: Martians are Back!
Martians are back and stealing the limelight in the new film John Carter. Martin Berman looks back to when Martians were a regular feature in media and talks to the filmmakers about how they look this time around.
Battle Los Angeles: Could Aliens Attack?
In the new movie Battle: Los Angeles, mankind fights off an alien invasion. But could a race of intergalactic beings really attack us? Jorge Ribas gets some answers.
Rocket Launch DIY Films Edge of Space
When hobbyist rocket designer Curt Newport launched his latest project towards space, it had a camera attached. James Williams takes a look at the journey from the rocket's point of view.
New Moon Crater Video Pops With Color
NASA recently counted over 5,000 craters in the surface of the moon - then released a new moon video of that census. James Williams takes a look at how they filled those craters with color.
Space Probe Explodes On Earth Re-Entry
The Japanese Hayabusa probe exploded on its re-entry to Earth, but a capsule possibly containing samples of asteroid dust survived. Discovery News' Ian O'Neill explains.
Star Spits Out Baby Planet
The discovery of a baby gas giant planet orbiting a young, 12 million-year-old star means that these types of planets can form much more quickly than previously thought. Jorge Ribas reports on the finding.
UFO Over Gold Coast Explained
In June 2010, a mysterious light was seen in the early morning skies over Australia. Was it a UFO? Can it be explained? James Williams speaks with Discovery News Space producer Ian O'Neill to find out.
SDO Captures Eruptions on Sun
New high-definition footage from the Solar Dynamic Observatory shows coronal mass ejections, huge eruptions of plasma blasting into space before showering back down on the sun's surface. Discovery Space producer Ian O'Neill explains the phenomenon.
Tumbleweed Rovers Could Explore Mars
New concepts for Mars-probing rovers would use Martian wind to move around the planet. James Williams gets a look at two of the designs.
Yuri's Night: A Yuri Gagarin Space Party!
Yuri's Night celebrates space exploration around the world. Discovery Space producer Dave Mosher gets inside the jam to see what it's all about.
What's The Tastiest Space Food?
What's the tastiest space food? James Williams catches up with NASA Astronaut Leroy Chiao to find out.
Hubble Captures Saturn's Aurorae
NASA and ESA astronomers released movies of Saturn's northern and southern lights, glimpsed edge-on for the first time by the Hubble Space Telescope. Jorge Ribas reports.
Robonaut 2: Your Future Coworker?
Cutting-edge robots, recently unveiled by NASA and General Motors, will work next to humans on Earth and in space. Jorge Ribas reports on the twin machines dubbed Robonaut 2.
NASA Tests Spaceflight Emergency System
As NASA prepares for the next generation of spacecraft, the space agency is renewing its focus on safety. A team of engineers is developing an emergency landing system that would fly astronauts to safety.
Richard Branson Unveils 'Sexiest Spaceship Ever'
Commercial space travel just made a giant leap with the unveiling of SpaceShipTwo, Virgin Galactic's newest vessel and the world's first commercial spacecraft. Sir Richard Branson talks to Discovery News' Irene Klotz about his latest innovation.
NASA Puts Satellites Through Wringer
Breaking satellites is the goal of some NASA engineers who make sure the equipment is ready for orbit. The Discovery News team checks out how they do it.
Planets Shed Light on Earth's Weather
Using the other planets as weather labs, meterologists are getting a better feel for how things work on Earth. James Williams gets wind of the details.
Alien Speculation
Will the real ET be little green men or little green bacteria? SETI Institute Senior Astronomer Seth Shostak theorizes what our first alien encounter might be like.
Antimatter Explosions
Antimatter is something better left to the experts. James Williams shows why.
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