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Nov 20, 2012
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SDO Captures Eruptions on Sun
New high-definition footage from the Solar Dynamic Observatory shows coronal mass ejections, huge eruptions of plasma blasting into space before showering back down on the sun's surface. Discovery Space producer Ian O'Neill explains the phenomenon.
SDO Shines Light on Sun
NASA hopes the Solar Dynamic Observatory will turn its scientists into space weathermen. Discovery Channel?s Dave Mosher and Jorge Ribas learn more about the satellite that?s set to launch in December.
Top 5 Moon Moments
Lunar astronauts really CAN carry a tune, as James Williams discovers in this review of our favorite filmed moments on the moon.
The Skinny On Quick-Rusting Meteorites
Iron meteorites are particularly sensitive to even the slightest bit of moisture - including the touch of a finger. James Williams pokes around for the reasons why.
Top 5 Reasons Europa Rocks
Mysteries abound on a bizarre moon orbiting Jupiter. James Williams counts down 5 reasons we're big fans of icy Europa.
3 Questions: Exoplanets
What does it take to find a planet 63 light years from Earth? Devin Powell gets the answers from an astronomer who's done just that.
3 Questions: Black Holes
Did you know there's a black hole in the center of our galaxy? Kasey- Dee asks the astronomer who discovered it 3 questions.
Planetary Meteorologist
Massive hurricanes! Poisonious Clouds! Extreme Temperatures! Just a routine day for a Planetary Meteorologist.
Top 5 Saturn Videos!
With Cassini's first mission over, James Williams gives a recap of the spacecraft's greatest hits.
Breaking Down the LRO
Before NASA's Lunar Reconnaissance Orbiter heads to the moon in February, Discovery Channel's Dave Mosher learns more about the instruments that will scout the lunar surface. Jorge Ribas produces.
3 Questions: Mars
Have you ever wondered if the human race could survive on Mars? Discovery Channel Space Producer Dave Mosher gets the answer to this question and more.
Star Twinkle
Twinkle, twinkle little star. Kasey Dee Gardner finds out why stars twinkle.
Pluto Gets Demoted
Astronomy leaders vote to take away Pluto's planetary status, leaving the solar system with eight celestial bodies. Jorge Ribas reports.
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