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Jun 14, 2013
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Perseid Meteor Shower: How to Catch the Show
Nature is about to put on a big show ... the annual Perseid Meteor Shower! Trace chats with Discovery News space whiz Dr. Ian O'Neill to find out what the shower's all about, and where and when you can get the best view.
The Sun Is About to Flip
OK, don't freak, but the the sun is flipping out! Scientists are spreading the word that it's about to undergo a complete polar reversal that will be felt throughout our solar system. Laci explains what's going on and how it will impact you.
Listen To This! X-rays From Stars Make Music
Stars are beautiful things to look at, but they can also make some beautiful sounds ... with the help of scientists, that is. Anthony gives us a listen to an interstellar orchestra.
A Brilliant Planetary Alignment
Three planets of our solar system did a rare, celestial dance you could actually see from your house! In this DNews video, Anthony prepped us for what was going to happen and explained why it would.
Do Parallel Universes Exist?
Scientists are finding more evidence that there are parallel universes -- parallel, but different to our own. Remember that show "Sliders?" Like that ... Kind of. Trace breaks down what this could mean.
Why Gravity Fluctuates on the Moon
We need gravity: It anchors us. But the gravity we experience on Earth is very different from the gravity on the moon, and both, it turns out, can fluctuate due to a number of things! Looking at new research announced by NASA, Trace upends our no ...
Pluto's New Moons: Play the Name Game
Astronomers need your help naming the two recently discovered moons around Pluto. But there are rules to this interstellar name game. Trace has the details.
4 Biggest Asteroid Strikes Ever
The devastating meteor crash in Russia made us wonder, how many other big strikes has the planet taken? Trace found out and counts down the top four biggest asteroid strikes to ever hit Earth!
Huge Asteroid Nearly Hits Earth
Does a HUGE asteroid passing nearby mean the end of humanity? Not quite, but wait until you hear just how close a call it is.
4 Biggest Asteroid Strikes Ever
The devastating meteor crash in Russia made us wonder, how many other big strikes has the planet taken? Trace found out and counts down the top four biggest asteroid strikes to ever hit Earth!
GIANT Meteor Hits Russia
The meteor that hit Russia was fairly big, but the larger asteroids that fly by are filled with precious metals that some hope to actually mine and bring back to earth! As crazy as it sounds, scientists and engineers are hard at work trying to ma ...
INCOMING! How Meteor Warnings Work
Exploding meteors! Near-miss asteroids! Aahhh!! Can we get some warning next time? What do we do if not? Trace finds out who's watching the skies.
Russian Meteor: The Full Story
Scientists from around the world have been all over the Russian meteor that exploded over the Ural Mountains. We now know the size of the massive space rock...and just wait till you hear how fast it was moving! Anthony has all the details.
The Moon Is So Damn Awesome
After a 40 year break, we are going to go back to the moon! Which is awesome because as Trace will tell you, the moon's got everything we could want and more!
The Cost of Living on Mars
Relocating to Mars is expensive business! From transportation to food to communication with the outside world for sheer sanity--Anthony breaks down all the variables to make a successful move.
Peace Out, Voyager 1
NASA has had an epic week so far with both the Curiosity and the Voyager. Anthony Carboni asks: which spacecraft is more likely to find life in space?
Star Spits Out Baby Planet
The discovery of a baby gas giant planet orbiting a young, 12 million-year-old star means that these types of planets can form much more quickly than previously thought. Jorge Ribas reports on the finding.
The Skinny On Martian Time
Mars time and Earth time are so similar, scientists working on the Phoenix Mars Lander mission are in a constant state of jet lag. Space producer Dave Mosher finds out how they're coping with the ever changing clock.
3 Questions: Exoplanets
What does it take to find a planet 63 light years from Earth? Devin Powell gets the answers from an astronomer who's done just that.
Top 5 Reasons Europa Rocks
Mysteries abound on a bizarre moon orbiting Jupiter. James Williams counts down 5 reasons we're big fans of icy Europa.
LCROSS Smashes Into The Moon
NASA just smashed the LCROSS and spent Centaur rocket into the moon in a search for water on the lunar surface. Even better - the impact was captured on video! Did it live up to the hype? James WIlliams takes a look.
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