Aliens and Other Space Mysteries

Nov 20, 2012
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UFOs Over London Explained
New videos appear to show UFOs hovering over London. But our resident skeptic Ben Radford shares five reasons why he thinks it's probably a hoax. Martin Berman reports.
Alien Speculation
Will the real ET be little green men or little green bacteria? SETI Institute Senior Astronomer Seth Shostak theorizes what our first alien encounter might be like.
Top 5 UFO Video Hoax Tips
Was that a UFO sighting...or a hoax? It turns out that crafting a UFO video hoax is quite easy if you know the right tricks. James Williams gets five tips from an accomplished UFO hoax video creator.
Battle Los Angeles: Alien Life
Angry aliens invade Earth in the new movie Battle: Los Angeles. And once again it's up to us to stop them. But what could life out there really be like? Jorge Ribas talks to SETI astronomer Seth Shostak to find out.
Battle Los Angeles: Could Aliens Attack?
In the new movie Battle: Los Angeles, mankind fights off an alien invasion. But could a race of intergalactic beings really attack us? Jorge Ribas gets some answers.
UFO Over Gold Coast Explained
In June 2010, a mysterious light was seen in the early morning skies over Australia. Was it a UFO? Can it be explained? James Williams speaks with Discovery News Space producer Ian O'Neill to find out.
Top 5 Cases For Martian Life
Life on Mars? James Williams looks at 5 reasons scientists think it's possible.
What are the odds there is extraterrestrial life in outer space?
Defining the Mystery
There are many theories as to what was streaking through the skies over Phoenix on March 13, 1997.
Identifying Light Sources
What are the optical characteristics of the lights seen in the Phoenix sky?
The V-Shaped Object
A mysterious "V" shaped object passed over Phoenix in the early evening. It was seen by thousands of people.
Video Analysts Examine a UFO Sighting
Are these flares behind a mountain range, or UFOs vanishing?
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