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Dec 30, 2013 06:29 PM ET // Ian O'Neill
On Sunday, at 5:17 p.m. GMT (12:17 p.m. EST), Europe's Mars Express orbiter successfully completed a daring low-pass of Mars' largest moon Phobos. Continue reading →
Dec 26, 2013 03:13 PM ET // Ian O'Neill
In a daredevil flyby, the European Mars Express satellite will buzz Phobos, the red planet's largest of two moons. But there's a catch -- this isn't a photo opportunity.
Sep 21, 2010 02:39 PM ET // Irene Klotz
Apparently Mars' moon, Phobos, was formed from rocks blasted off the Martian surface in a catastrophic event.
Nov 8, 2011 03:59 PM ET // Irene Klotz
A Zenit rocket blasted off from Kazakhstan on Tuesday with a Russian spacecraft to return samples from the Martian moon Phobos and a Chinese probe designed to spend a year studying Mars.