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Apr 2, 2014 01:00 PM ET // Irene Klotz
Earth’s finishing touch came with a wallop when a Mars-sized hunk of real estate crashed into the fetal planet some 95 million years after the birth of the solar system -- later than some astronomers thought -- sending up debris that eventually formed moon.
Jan 29, 2014 07:12 AM ET // Irene Klotz
In an effort to exploit in-situ resources on the moon and Mars, NASA is designing instruments that could aid future manned missions to both destinations.
Jan 17, 2014 04:18 PM ET // Amy Shira Teitel
Why were there two versions of the Apollo spacecraft, and why do we only hear about one? Continue reading →
Dec 17, 2013 09:30 AM ET // AFP
China's Jade Rabbit rover sent back its first pictures from the moon.
Dec 15, 2013 08:00 AM ET // Leonard David,
China's first-ever moon rover is driving on the lunar surface.
Dec 14, 2013 09:00 AM ET // Leonard David,
The historic lunar arrival makes China only the third nation to make a soft-landing on Earth's celestial neighbor.
Dec 8, 2013 05:38 AM ET // Irene Klotz
A $30 million Google-backed competition to land a spacecraft on the moon may be about to be scooped... by China.
Dec 3, 2013 01:22 PM ET // Miriam Kramer,
How does a country preserve its mark on the moon for decades to come? It may not seem like the moon is a busy space-traffic hub these days, but in the not-too-distant future, that could change.
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