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Jan 19, 2016 01:20 PM ET // Danny Clemens, DSCOVRD
For the first time in over a decade, five planets will take center stage in the morning sky this week.
Jan 8, 2016 05:00 PM ET // Mark Thompson
Often overlooked, Uranus, one of the solar system's 'ice giants,' can prove a challenging, but worthwhile target for amateur astronomers this month.
Jan 4, 2016 01:00 PM ET // Mark Thompson
The winter sky is by far the best time for astronomy. Long, dark nights with cool weather can present us with fabulously clear dark skies that last for hours -- let's hunt down some astronomical treasures!
Dec 20, 2015 03:00 PM ET // Mark Thompson
To celebrate the New Year, Comet Catalina will put on a show that will kick 2016 off in astronomical style!
Dec 14, 2015 04:00 PM ET // Mark Thompson
Over the years, I've picked up some hints and tips as to how to communicate the science of amateur astronomy -- here are a few.
Dec 7, 2015 01:50 PM ET // Mark Thompson
To make the amateur astronomer in your family happy this Christmas, check out my top astronomy gadget picks that would make for perfect stocking fillers.
Nov 16, 2015 02:10 PM ET // Mark Thompson
The Earth is currently orbiting through the debris of Comet Tempel-Tuttle -- yes, it's time for the Leonid meteor shower!
Sep 28, 2015 04:45 AM ET // Ian O'Neill
For the last time until 2033, a 'supermoon' and lunar eclipse coincided, causing our planet to collectively look up in awe.
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