Brits Release UFO Docs


Today, the British Ministry of Defence and the British National Archives released 24 files containing more than 6,000 pages of UFO-related information to the public. The material covers reports of sightings between 1994–2000 and includes eyewitness accounts and sketches… like this:

While this is actually the fifth time the British government has released UFO files, this latest release is the largest. The files are available to download for free for one month on the National Archives Web site.

You can go review the evidence yourself and bolster your belief/disbelief in UFO sightings. Even if you don’t believe in UFOs, it’s still a pretty compelling read.

Personally, I do not believe in UFOs. I’ve read the Roswell report put out by the U.S. Air Force and as far as I’m concerned, it sufficiently explains UFO sightings. I also produced the following video on how easy it is to create UFO video hoaxes, which made me believe in UFO sightings even less.

…and speaking of that USAF Roswell report, I touch on that in the following video as well.

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