Witness to Lincoln Shooting: Gotta-See Video


Television was very different in the 1950s, more conversational and less overly produced, but with simple formats they could accommodate people like in this video. The game show, "I've Got a Secret" aired on CBS from 1952 until the mid-70s. The true definition of the secrets was rather broad, but they were meant to be unusual, humorous or astounding.

When Samuel J. Seymore was a guest on "I've Got a Secret" in February of 1956, he was 96 years old, but his secret takes the audience back to his childhood. When Seymore was five years old, he was sitting at Ford's Theater in Washington, D.C. enjoying a comedic play, and a man fell out of the balcony. That man was John Wilkes Booth, and he'd just shot President Lincoln.

via The Atlantic's Tumblr

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