Weird Science! The Friday News Quiz (Oct. 11, 2013)

Each week, Discovery News tracks dozens of stories of the strange and interesting in the world of science. Test your knowledge of the week's news with the Weird Science quiz. In this edition: New York City cockroaches, mummified heads and $100 bills.
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  • Acid
  • Mercury
  • Rocks
    Incorrect! Correct Answer: The planet in question, affectionately nicknamed KOI-1843, has such extreme temperature differences that rock could vaporize on one side of the planet then transform into a rain of rocks on the other. The phenomenon provides the premise for next summer's anticipated sequel "Cloudy With A Chance of Blunt Force Head Trauma."
  • Terror
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  • Multiple skins
  • Multiple brains
    Incorrect! Correct Answer: The brain of the octopus works more like a decentralized network than a traditional brain, with clusters of neurons -- and limited functional autonomy -- in each arm. This neural arrangement of a brain in each arm is known as a nonsomatoptic system, or as the zombie community prefers, an eight-pack.
  • Multiple blood types
  • Multiple personality disorder
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  • Human language
  • Human body language
    Incorrect! Correct Answer: According to a new study in the journal Current Biology, elephants naturally understand human pointing, with no training required. Although they do still find it impolite.
  • Human emotion
  • The danger of a federal loan default
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  • Get 300 miles per gallon
  • Go 300 miles per hour
  • Cost $300 per pound
  • Kill zombies
    Incorrect! Correct Answer: More zombie news this week: Hyundai, sponsor of the hit AMC show "The Walking Dead," announced a one-off vehicle designed for the zombie apocalypse. The car includes razor-wired windows, machine guns, aluminum armor and even a samurai sword. It's the industry's first foray into anti-monster technology since Ford's 1950s line of Godzilla-proof midsize sedans.
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  • Louis II
  • Richard III
  • Henry IV
    Incorrect! Correct Answer: New DNA analysis casts doubt on a mummified head previously identified as belonging to Henry IV, according to Jean-Jacques Cassiman of the University of Leuven in Belgium. An interesting detail from the report: Evidently, lead researcher Cassiman was voted "Most Likely to Test DNA from Mummified Heads of 16th Century French Monarchs." Belgium has a very thorough educational system.
  • Dickie V
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  • Fonts
  • Security features
    Incorrect! Correct Answer: The new $100 bills feature advanced technologies designed to foil counterfeiters. Also, in an effort to improve the efficiency of current U.S. wealth distribution, every third bill will float directly out of your wallet and toward the nearest One Percenter.
  • Serial numbers
  • Irrational numbers
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  • Pet them
    Incorrect! Correct Answer: The study suggests that, for some cats, petting actually causes stress hormones to flood the system, thanks to a complex system of social and evolutionary instincts. Dogs, on the other hand, appear to be quite different. Reached for comment in his suburban Detroit backyard, American Canine Association president Champ Milchner said, "This is typical of the feline psycho-social pathology, in which -- SQUIRREL!"
  • Feed them
  • Talk to them
  • Twerk
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  • Iron Man suit
    Incorrect! Correct Answer: The United States Army has put out an official request for a Tactical Assault Light Operator Suit (TALOS), similar to the Iron Man suit, that would give soldiers night vision, superhuman strength and protection from standard ballistic weapons. The proposed "Aquaman Initiative" was abandoned when officials conceded that no one actually knows what that guy does.
  • Wolverine claw weapon
  • Thor hammer
  • A comic book idea database
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  • Language
  • Anatomy
  • DNA
  • Neighborhoods
    Incorrect! Correct Answer: The study reveals that the roaches of three New York City neighborhoods -- the Upper West Side, the Upper East Side, and Roosevelt Island -- are genetically distinct. The study was sponsored by an outfit called the National Cockroach Project. (Really.) Furthermore, the DNA study concluded that half the roaches are Yankees fans, half are Mets fans. Those DNA tests are getting pretty good.
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  • Planting home vegetable gardens
  • Brewing beer at home
    Incorrect! Correct Answer: The PicoBrew Zymatic is designed to automate the process of home brewing from beginning to end. Users simply pour in the ingredients, then check back in a few weeks to get their beer. The subtlety of the robot revolution continues to amaze....
  • Calling in sick to work
  • Reading 'Infinite Jest'
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