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Nov 20, 2012
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Where Did Halloween Come From?
Pumpkins, ghosts, costumes and candy are all part of the modern Halloween tradition. But how did the holiday get its start? James Williams animates the spooky history of this ghoulish celebration.
Pumpkins: Not Just for Halloween Anymore
Growing 37 different varieties of pumpkin, farmer Dave Heisler wants the world to know that everyone's favorite Halloween ornament is good for more than just carving. Jorge Ribas visits the farm.
Could Zombieland REALLY Happen?
Could a single virus destroy humankind as seen in films like Zombieland or shows like The Colony? Why or why not? And if they could, what would such a virus look like? James Williams gets the answers from a virus expert.
Why Do We Fear Death?
Afraid of the dark? Of heights? Of death? This week on Why? Tell Me Why! Kasey-Dee Gardner traces the origins of deep-rooted fear.
Top 5 Science Conspiracies, Theories and Hoaxes
James Williams uncovers five spooky scientific mysteries you may never have heard of.
"Sea Monsters" Still Exist
Discovery's Deadliest Catch Captains tell us about the weirdest monsters they've found at sea.
Death Munching Blow Flies
Blow flies can help the police determine when someone was killed. James Williams visits a dead pig farm to find out how.
Ant Death Circles Explained
Why are these ants walking to death in this YouTube video? James Williams gets an explanation from a fire ant expert.
Piranha 3D: Fact vs. Fiction
Piranha 3D unleashes the ravenous, toothy fish on unsuspecting spring breakers and moviegoers. But what are the facts behind the piranha's myth? Director Alex Aja talks to Jorge Ribas about his film's scaly star.
Forensic Entomologist
Maggots? Flies? Corpses? All in a grisly day?s work for a forensic entomologist. James Williams gets the gritty details.
Vampires Exposed
Go behind the mystery of vampires and find out what they are, why they exist, and what's up with their fangs.
History of Vampires
Vampires have been part of cultures for centuries. Find out how this paranormal being maintains its legacy.
The Secret of Spook Hill
Are there really places that defy gravity? James Williams gets a first-hand look.
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