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Jun 14, 2013
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To Lose Weight, Opt for a Small Plate
When it comes to weight loss, it might just be those over-sized plates and bowls you're eating from that are causing your problem. Trace explains a whole new idea behind a cause for overeating.
Why You Poop at the Same Time Every Day
Ever notice how you need to use the bathroom at roughly the same time every day? Well there's a whole lot going on behind the scenes to keep you "regular." Anthony gets to the bottom of exactly why you go when you go, and how to regulate it.
What's in Your Poop?
Most adult animals on Earth share one thing in common: brown poop. But what's in it that makes it that particular color? Trace does the dirty work to find out.
Do Vitamins Really Improve Health?
Vitamin supplements are everywhere, arguing by their existence that a normal diet doesn't provide the level of nutrition we need. Supplementing with vitamins, then, will make us healthier and prolong our lives. But is this actually true?
6 Ways to Stay Young
You've heard the saying that the brain is a muscle that needs to be exercised. Well new research is showing us there are specific activities we can do keep away dementia and possibly Alzheimer's, too. Trace has the details
Just How Whack Is Crack?
Toronto Mayor Rob Ford's done it; Whitney Houston did it; and millions more have tried it or are addicted to it. Just how bad is crack for you anyway?
Why Women Live Longer Than Men
In the U.S., women live 5 to 10 years longer than men. Are men doing something wrong, or are women really the superior sex? Laci explains this life expectancy discrepancy.
The 5 Nastiest Things in Your Food
You've heard about the battle against trans fats, but there are other, arguably scarier things in your food than artery-blocking fat. Laci is joined by Anthony for a list of the top five nastiest things lurking on your dinner plate.
Could a Pill Help Us Regrow Limbs?
Kids are able to heal from injuries much faster than adults, thanks in part to one particular protein. As Anthony shows us, scientists are showing remarkable progress in harnessing that protein into a powerful drug enabling the body to regrow tissue.
Will You Live Longer on a Mediterranean Diet?
There's a new diet trend that is scientifically proven to help you live a longer and healthier life. It's the increasingly popular "mediterranean diet," and as Laci Green shows us, it's one of the easiest, tastiest diets out there.
How the Blind Sense and Use Light
New research shows that while the blind can't see, their brains can! Anthony explains what this means and how this ability actually plays an important role in a blind person's everyday life.
Big Butts Are Good for Your Health
Don't lie: Do you like big butts? Well that's OK, because new research shows that for women a big behind can actually be beneficial to health! Anthony and Laci join up to explain the science behind this finding.
How Pain Works
Pain is a pain. Too much of it, and it can really make life hard. But imagine none of it. That can be bad too, as you'd never know if you're hurt. That's the reality for a select few who carry a rare genetic mutation. Trace explains all about pain.
Should Doctors Use Twitter to Monitor Patients?
Should a doctor use information you've posted to social media sites to determine whether you're worthy of care? As Anthony shows us, this is not just a theoretical question.
What Herpes Tells Us About Our History
Follow in herpes' path, and you'll be walking on the the very route early humans took as they made their way around the globe. Trace shows us how this much-hated virus can reveal so much about our past.
When You Can't Scratch Away an Itch
Nothing is more annoying than a really bad itch. But imagine an itch you could never scratch away. Scarily, it's a real thing. Anthony presents a possible treatment for chronic itchiness and explains how the body processes that 'itchy' sensation.
Online Breast Milk Is Super Dangerous
Scientists are sounding alarms about human breast milk bought online. New tests show a huge percentage of that milk is contaminated with all kinds of nasty bugs, some even potentially deadly. Laci Green has the details.
Street Drug Rots You from the Inside Out
There's a drug that's spreading in popularity called "Krokodil," and it's absolutely terrifying. It's an injectable drug that gives you scaly, reptile-like skin. Get a bad batch, and it rots your body from the inside out. Laci Green has the details.
Why Your Brain Needs Sleep
Scientists have just discovered a new, very important reason for you to get a good night's sleep. For the first time, they've been able to see the brain physically cleaning itself while its owner is asleep! Anthony explains how this cleaning works.
Flossing Is BS!
Every dentist has the same message: "floss, floss, floss!" But turns out it's all a big lie! It turns out flossing isn't quite the magical solution it's been made out to be. But there's a twist to this story, as Anthony explains.
Sprite Cures Hangovers!
Could the ultimate hangover cure already be in your fridge? Quite possibly, yes! Laci Green discusses the science behind hangovers and why a popular soda is so good at fighting them off.
Why You Shouldn't Self-Diagnose on the Internet
When faced with a possible ailment, do you ever scour the Internet for a diagnosis before going to your doctor and end up certain that you have incurable cancer? If so, you might be a cyberchondriac.
How Einstein's Brain Is Different from Yours
By any and all measures, Einstein was a genius. But what made him so different from any other person? Turns out his brain was wired in a very different way! Anthony takes a look inside the brain of one of history's most beautiful minds.
How Exercise Can Be Better Than Meds
It comes as no surprise that exercise is good for the body. But as Anthony tells us, in some cases, exercise can be as good or better than prescription medication at healing the body.
How Things You Do Change Your Brain
Ever wonder how ballet dancers can spin and spin and spin, but never seem to get dizzy? Neuroplasticity, that's how! Anthony explains how it works, and how you can use your brain in the same way.
When Does Food Really Expire?
Almost everything you buy from the grocery store has an expiration date. Laci explains what that date really means.
Are Burger King Satisfries Really Healthier?
Is there such a thing as a healthier french fry? Well, the evil geniuses at Burger King have spent 10 long years coming up with one. Guest host Annie Gaus explains the science behind the new, 'healthier' Satisfry.
Do We Really Use Only 10 Percent of Our Brain?
It's one of the more popular myths out there: We only use 10 percent of our brain's power. Watch as Anthony puts this myth to rest.
Antibiotic-Resistant Bacteria on the Rise
The CDC is sending out a serious warning about bacteria that is resistant to many strong antibiotics. And these strains of bacteria are spreading fast. Laci explains what's caused these bacteria to mutate and what you can do to protect yourself.
Is Anorexia in Your Genes?
Anorexia is one of the most misunderstood physiological disorders out there. Laci Green explains what's really going on inside the mind of an anorexic and tells us why it can be such a hard illness to fight.
Is Veganism Really Healthy?
Few diets are as difficult to follow as a vegan one. No animals or animal products period. It's simple in theory but it presents a whole host of health concerns, as well practical ones. Laci has what you need to know if you think you might go vegan.
Huge Leap Toward HIV Cure
Scientists in Oregon have made a major leap toward curing HIV, one of the worst and most feared diseases humanity has ever faced. Anthony explains what they've achieved and what it might mean for the millions battling this disease around the world.
Are E-Cigarettes Safer?
You've probably seen more and more people puffing away at electronic cigarettes lately. As a concept they're great: smokers weaning themselves off of the real thing with this supposedly safer alternative. But are they really any better?
The BMI scale is something you hear about everywhere -- the gym, your doctor's office, the health food store. It's supposed to be an easy way to gauge your health, except for a small fact: BMI scores are meaningless! Laci explains why BMI is a joke.
Manly Men Chop Down Trees
Folklore says there's no man manlier than Paul Bunyan. And they're right. Turns out chopping down trees produces a particularly interesting biological reaction in men. Trace explains.
Honey: Magical, Immortal Superfood
Honey is awesome, and we're not talkin' just the taste. It can do things no other food can do! Anthony dishes on this magical golden treat.
Chinese Boy with Night Vision Debunked (Again)
By now, you've probably seen the story about the boy in China who claims to see in the dark. It's a far-fetched claim, but it got Laci thinking: If so many animals can see in the dark, why can't we?
Replace Exercise with a Pill!?
Researchers have created a real-life exercise pill! That's right: Pop a pill and get ripped! It's doing amazing things for mice right now. Anthony explains how it works and if it's likely to end up in your medicine cabinet any time soon.
Why We Sleepwalk
Ever known someone who sleepwalks? Or maybe it's even happened to you. Laci looks at why some people walk in their sleep, and puts to rest the question: Is it safe to wake a sleepwalker?
Concussions in Football: What Can Be Done?
As the 2013 NFL season ramps up, more attention than ever before will be on the players' safety. Trace shows us what happens to a player's brain during those hard tackles and what's being done to keep the athletes safe.
Can a Blood Test Predict Suicide?
A small study suggests there may be a biological marker for those who think about or try to commit suicide. Anthony explains this controversial claim and what it could mean for the way we treat mental illness.
How a Tiny Amoeba Can Eat Your Brain
There's a dangerous single-celled amoeba lurking in lakes across the country that can literally eat your brain! There have been an unusually high number of cases this year. Trace explains what's going on and how you can protect yourself.
Pot Is Not a Gateway Drug!
Pot has been blamed for years as a gateway to doing harder drugs. But new data suggests that not only is this blame misappropriated but there's actually another more accessible and damaging culprit out there.
Why We See the White Light Near Death
No one truly knows what happens when we die, but chances are you've heard about the "white light" people sometimes see when they've had a near-death experience. Is that evidence of an afterlife, or is something else going on? Laci explains.
How to Power Nap
There's nothing like a good nap. But it's a fine line between a good one and a nap that leaves you all groggy and out of it. Laci breaks down what's going on inside your brain when you go down for a quick sleep.
Milk: Does It Really Do a Body Good?
Add it to the list of things that are bad for you: milk! Turns out this staple of western diets is something humans aren't really designed to consume. And all those health claims on TV? Not really true! Trace explains how we've been duped.
Can Camping Cure Insomnia?
Besides helping you to commune with nature, camping can help to reset your sleep cycle! Trace tells us the details of a new study that will send every insomniac heading for the woods.
What Gluten-Free Really Means
It's the newest food fad out there: gluten-free. Trace explains what gluten is and if there's any actual science behind all this anti-gluten rhetoric.
Why Parasites May Not Be All That Bad
According to one ecologist, parasites might be the most common form of life on Earth. How gross is that? Trace looks at what these little creatures are doing to our bodies, and how they may not be quite as bad as we're led to believe.
5 Surprising Uses for Urine
Turns out our pee is chock full of cool stuff. We're talkin' information about our health, and even little bits of rocket fuel! Trace has the details.
How Far Should Smoking Bans Go?
We all know cigarette smoke is bad. But we're learning that public smoking bans may not be enough to prevent exposure to those toxic fumes. Trace explores how far public smoking bans would have to go to keep non-smokers smoke free.
We're Crazy Close to a Cure for Allergies
Allergies are perhaps the most unpleasant part of spring and summer ... but they could all be coming to an end! Anthony explains.
Why People Taste Things Differently
Everyone has different preferences when it comes to food, but why is that? Why the variation? As Anthony tells us, it's all down to something called papillae.
Amnesia: How the Brain Forgets
Amnesia is best known for its use as a plot twist in soap operas, but it's a real disorder! The most recent high-profile case surrounds Michael Boatwright, who woke up in an ER with no memory of himself, speaking only Swedish. Anthony investigates.
Can Cranberries Actually Treat UTIs?
It's long been said that cranberries can help treat urinary tract infections. But is there any actual science to back up these claims? Laci takes a look.
Imagine Cup 2013: New Cystic Fibrosis Treatment
It's called Ki-Breath, and it promises to revolutionize the treatment of Cystic Fibrosis in children. It's a video game that's not only fun to play, but can also increase the lifespan of people with this terrible illness. Anthony investigates.
Imagine Cup 2013: Hearing Aid of the Future
Hearing aids as we know them are about to take a technological leap forward thanks to a new system devised by students from Argentina. Anthony shows us how their invention works and how it might change lives.
Is It Healthy to Skip Meals?
Fasting is common in certain religions, but today more people are trying to use it as a way to lose weight. What happens to the body when you deprive it of food? Trace shows us why fasting may or may not be the healthy way to go.
Does Ritalin Make ADHD Worse?
Ritalin or Adderall are often prescribed to treat ADHD, now the most common childhood mental disorder in the U.S. But is the medication actually making things worse? Laci explores the controversy and concern surrounding ADHD medication.
World War Z: The Real Plan for Apocalypse
Say the world was actually taken over by vicious zombies, "World War Z" style. What would an actual government response to an apocalypse look like? Anthony fights his way through an imaginary undead army to find out.
How Exercise Rewires Your Brain
Everyone knows exercise is good for your health, but new studies show it does more than flatten those abs -- it physically alters your brain to better handle stress! Anthony shows us this hidden -- and hugely beneficial -- impact of working out.
What Really Causes a Beer Belly?
When it comes to those so-called 'beer bellies,' is beer really to blame or is it something else? Laci finds out.
Why MSG Isn't Really That Bad
Fact: Anything with MSG in it tastes better. But for years we've been told how awful it is for us and to steer clear of any foods that use it. So what is MSG, anyway, and is it actually bad for us? Trace finds out.
Pets Make Us Healthier!
Having a pet can really cheer a person up, but it can also have a much deeper impact than you might realize. Laci explains.
Why Weed Makes You Lazy
A lazy stoner. It's a stereotype, for sure, but what's going on in the brain to make pot smokers that way? Trace explains.
Orgasm in Your Foot!
Spontaneous orgasms ... from your foot?! It happened to one woman. Laci looks at what caused this exceptionally rare disorder, and what doctors had to do to end it.
Bone Marrow Transplant Cures HIV?
You can add two more people to the growing list of those possibly cured of HIV! Two more HIV patients who received a very special type of donor bone marrow are showing no sign of the disease. Anthony lays out the details of this amazing case.
Blame Migraines on Your Parents
Migraines suck. And according to new research, that terrible, debilitating pain might be one more thing you can blame on your parents.
What Causes Bad Breath?
Stinky breath is, unfortunately, a part of life... but it doesn't have to be! Laci explores the roots of bad breath and the ways we can limit our oral stink.
What Makes Breast Milk So Healthy?
For most of us, the first food we consumed in this world was our mother's breast milk. Anthony breaks down what's so healthy about it, and why drinking it can give babies a leg up.
Should Obesity Be a Disease?
The American Medical Association has chosen to classify obesity as a disease. This means 90 million people in the U.S. now have a "disease," when, a few days ago, they did not. As Laci tells us, this simple change in wording may have a huge impact.
How Organ Recipients Are Chosen
Few issues in the medical community are more heart wrenching than organ donation. With a limited number of donor organs available, some patients will live while others will not. Laci looks at how the whole system works, and how children in need o ...
Why Do We Sweat?
Summer's here and that means many of us in the Northern hemisphere are sweating a whole lot in this heat! But if you think you know everything about perspiration, think again! As Trace tells us, some animals have sweat that puts ours to shame.
Do Fitness Trackers Work?
Fitness Trackers are the hottest new gadgets -- keeping tabs on every movement you make in the hopes of helping you get fit. But do they really help you achieve this goal or are they just money down the drain? Laci takes a look.
Most Detailed Map of the Brain Ever!
Scientists are getting a better-than-ever look inside the human brain, thanks to Europe's Big Brain Project. Anthony shows us this unprecedented peek inside the human head.
Can a Double Mastectomy Really Prevent Cancer?
Angelina Jolie has made the surprising announcement that she's undergone a double mastectomy. Doctors discovered she carries a gene mutation that dramatically increases her chances of getting breast cancer. So what is this gene, and how do women ...
When Surgery Tools Are Left Behind
Surgeons call them 'nevers' because they're mistakes they should NEVER make: like leaving things inside of you during surgery. But they do happen ... all the time! Laci looks at a few crazy incidents and what's being done about the problem.
Why Do We Get Brain Freezes?
Brain freeze -- that feeling you get when you scarf down ice cream too fast or chug an Icee with too much gusto. What is it exactly, and why does it happen? Anthony finds out.
Does Oral Sex Cause Cancer?
Actor Michael Douglas made the controversial claim it was HPV he acquired through giving oral sex that gave him cancer. Laci Green breaks down whether his claim has any basis in science.
The Real Walking Dead: All About Cotard Syndrome
There are people who are alive, but who are convinced they are dead. It's called Cotard Syndrome and it's one of the most bizarre and intriguing disorders we've ever heard of. Laci details what's going on inside these people's heads.
How To Breathe Underwater
Imagine breathing underwater, mermaid-style. It's actually possible! Anthony shows us the promising world of breathable liquids.
Meditation is Real Medicine
Meditation certainly helps to calm the nerves. But can that calm translate to actual, measurable healing? Laci looks at whether meditation is real medicine.
Strange Eating Disorder: Ramen Addiction
Could you imagine a life eating only ramen noodles and nothing more? For one English girl, that's been her world since the age of five. Laci looks at the impact on the body, and what it takes to cure this most curious eating disorder.
Sperm is the New Superfood
Yeah, it's gross, but our bodily fluids actually have a lot of nutrients in them! Anthony unveils several common bodily excretions that are actually good for us to eat!
Self-Healing Tech of the Future
It would make the ultimate cell phone screen -- one that self-heals if broken. It's not as crazy as it sounds and it hardly ends there! Anthony shows us some of the other amazing self-healing products we can look forward to.
Is Caffeine Making Us Crazy?
Caffeine is one of the oldest and most common drugs around. Whether it's coffee, tea, energy drinks, or chocolate -- most of us turn to it for an extra boost. But could that extra jolt be less than benign?
Why Are We Ticklish?
Why in the world are people ticklish? And why does it make us laugh so hard? Anthony explores the evolutionary roots of our ticklishness.
4 Common Diet Myths Debunked
There's so much diet and nutrition BS out there that it can be hard to figure out what to actually eat! Laci takes a hard look at several diet myths to decipher how best we can be healthy.
New SARS-Like CVirus Declared a Global Threat
The World Health Organization has declared a new strain of coronavirus a global threat after it claimed one more life this week. What is this new virus, how has it spread, and what can we do about it? Anthony investigates.
Stem Cell Treatment Cures Blindness
Stem cells have produced another scientific "miracle" -- this time allowing a blind man to see with nearly perfect vision. Laci shows us the amazing procedure that has forever changed one man's life.
Do Doctors Treat Fat Patients Differently?
Weight discrimination is a widespread issue, and now a new study reveals that even doctors are guilty of it. How does this affect patient care and is anything being done about it? Laci finds out.
Is Medical Marijuana As Helpful As We Think?
Medical marijuana is a hot topic in the U.S. Pot activists are constantly battling the government to allow for the use of weed to cure or treat illness. But what is the scientific community's take on the issue? Trace finds out.
Why Can't We Regrow Teeth?
Regrowing teeth would solve so many problems! Many animals are able to, so why not humans? Anthony takes a look at how scientists are trying to change this.
Suck Your Baby's Pacifier to Stop Allergies
Parents who suck on their children's pacifiers before giving them to their babies might be doing their kids a huge favor. Anthony has why that simple, somewhat gross act might help their kids lead a much more comfortable life.
Do Brain Games Really Make You Smarter?
There's a lot of conflicting research out there about brain training games. It seems like they're helpful, but are they actually working to improve our intelligence? Anthony wades through the research to determine the actual value of brain games.
Can Science Stop Aging?
We'll do anything to conquer aging, and now scientists believe they've found the root cause of it in the brain! Anthony reports on this discovery, and what it could mean for our quest for eternal youth.
Does Hair Really Grow Faster in Summer?
You just got a haircut and now it feels like you need another one! Why is this, and is it true that your hair grows faster during the summer? To get to the root, Trace delves into the science behind hair growth, debunking classic hair myths along ...
Is Tanning Ever a Good Thing?
Summer is nearly here -- and that means more time in the sun! We've been warned about the dangers of sun exposure before. But Laci wonders: Is getting that bronzed bikini bod ever actually good for your health?
Stem Cell Tracheal Transplant Saves Girl's Life
After years of showing promise, stem cell research is finally paying off. A trachea grown from the cells in a lab has saved a young girl's life. Anthony tells the story and shows what scientists are cooking up next.
Morning After Pill IS Safe for Teens
There is lots of debate about the so called 'Morning After Pill' being released to teens without a prescription. Laci Green takes a look at the debate and breaks down the issues as only Laci can.
3 Ways to Improve Your Memory
We've all had difficulty remembering things. Trace looks at three things you'd never guess may actually help improve your memory.
Why We Can't Live Without Bacteria
If you think you can rid your body of bacteria with a quick squirt of hand sanitizer, you'd be oh so wrong. Turns out we have an incredible array of microorganisms living on us AND inside us. But, as Anthony explains, these little guys do some ve ...
Why Can't We Remember Being Babies?
Why can't we recall being born? It was kind of a big day, so you'd think we'd remember. Anthony looks at how the inner workings of a baby's brain differ from those of a fully grown adult.
Why Food Feels So Good
Food is one of the great pleasures in life. But why do we love it so much? Laci looks at what happens inside our bodies when we bite down on our favorite foods.
Wear a Kilt for Higher Sperm Count
There are a lot of myths surrounding male infertility and what actually increases a man's sperm count. Trace reports on why one study claims a kilt may just do the trick!
WiFi Sickness: Just in Your Head?
You've heard of the placebo effect, but the nocebo effect is just as powerful. Scientists have linked it to the controversial "WiFi Sickness," and other problems. Laci breaks down the Nocebo Effect, and how it's affecting thousands of people arou ...
How Drugs Pollute Our Drinking Water
We expect our drinking water to be germ free, but what about drug free? You probably haven't given it much thought ... but new research is showing our water is teeming with all kinds of drugs! Trace looks at what this is doing to our bodies and t ...
Electricity Helps Heal Wounds
It might sound like a late night infomercial, but scientists have created a device that heals wounds using electricity! Trace shows us what happens on the cellular level when we use electricity to repair our broken bodies.
Could Psychedelic Shrooms Treat Depression?
Magic mushrooms have more to offer than a good trip: new research shows they may help treat severe forms of depression. But a prominent researcher in the U.K. says his work is being stymied by the government. Laci Green looks at this fungal fix f ...
How Much Sleep Should We Get?
Is eight hours of sleep enough for you, maybe too much, or maybe too little? Trace looks at the myth of a full night's sleep, and what a person really needs to feel rested.
How Scientists Are Making Brains Transparent
See inside the brain like never before! Stanford University scientists have figured out a way to turn a mouse brain transparent, giving us a whole new view of the least understood organ in the human body.
How to Cure a Hangover
The hangover after a big night out can be brutal. Fortunately, some work is being done to find a cure for this terrible ailment. In this DNews video, Anthony takes a look.
Why Loneliness Can Be Deadly
Being alone can have far reaching health implications. In this DNews video, Laci looks at how and why loneliness can kill.
Ricin Letters: What's So Dangerous?
With a suspect under arrest for the poisoned letters sent to Obama, Anthony asks, what is ricin and what makes it so deadly?
Can You Sneeze Without Closing Your Eyes?
Do your eyelids really hold your eyeballs in when you sneeze? No, believe it or not: Your eyeballs won't shoot out of place due to a simple sneeze. Anthony looks at the real reason behind your eyelids' need to shut during a big "Ah-choooo!"
Do We Really Need Bras?
You'd think bras would give boobs a boost, but after years of close and careful research, a French scientist says bras actually do more harm than good! In this DNews video, Laci looks at whether his argument holds any weight or if it's just full ...
Copper Kills Hospital Bacteria
Copper may be a solution to the growing, deadly problem of hospital acquired infections. When used on commonly touched surfaces, the metal can kill some of the most infectious bacteria without scrubbing or the use of noxious chemicals. Trace look ...
Making A Better Condom
Will $100K from Bill Gates help create a super condom for the future? That's the hope. But where could the condom possibly go from here? Laci looks at some of the wild ideas scientists are developing right now.
Doctors Cure Baby of HIV
Doctors think they've cured a baby of HIV for the first time ever! Anthony walks us through the details of this incredible potential breakthrough.
Stop Eating Food: The Soylent Experiment
We're replacing food with Soylent for a week! And we're posting daily video diaries about our experiences at
The Soylent Experiment: Your Questions Answered
So how did the DNews team do after six days of Soylent? How many of them were able to make it without solid food? And the answer to one of the most-asked questions: Did they poop?! Watch and find out!
Should Doctors Prescribe Placebos?
Sometimes, thinking you're taking a medication when in fact you're not can actually help you feel better. It's called the "placebo effect," and it's being used more and more as a treatment option. But is that ethical? Trace and Laci weigh in on t ...
How Too Many Screens Affect Our Brain
Kids are rotting their minds by spending hours upon hours in front of screens. That's what parents say, anyway. But what impact does all this screen time really have? Trace spent hours researching -- in front of a computer screen -- to get a defi ...
Kim Kardashian's Blood Facial
Blood Facial. Yup, apparently it's a thing. In this DNews video, Trace looks at whether there's any actual science behind Kim Kardashian's bloody attempt to stay wrinkle-free.
Outsmarting Our Immune System
Our bodies are a battleground--constantly fighting off infection and disease. But what happens when our bodies fight off something that's helpful, like an artificial knee? It's not good. Now scientists may have discovered a clever fix to this dan ...
Why You Might Wake Up Paralyzed
Ever woken up, but couldn't move a muscle? You're not alone. It's called sleep paralysis and it can be really scary. Laci takes a look at what happens when this disconnect occurs between your brain and body.
Are Viruses Alive?
Are viruses life forms or not? Scientists have been fighting about it for years, and Anthony has more on the latest wrinkle in this seemingly simple yet age-old debate.
How Grapefruit Can Kill You
If you love grapefruit and are on certain medications, think twice! Anthony shows us how it could kill you.
Don't Fear the Flu Shot
If the influenza virus changes each year, does the flu shot even work? And what is the flu vaccine anyway? Trace explains.
Watch Out for Super Gonorreha
Just North of the border, a drug-resistant form of Gonorrhea could slowly be making its way to the U.S. But Laci's gotthe scoop on this supercharged version of the clap.
Food Label Lies!
Much of what we eat isn't what we think it is. Lax laws on food labeling allow many substitute, "mock" foods to be served instead. Anthony looks at what's actually in our food and how it's easy to be fooled.
BEER: Healthier Than Running!!
Turns out running long distance ain't so good for you. You know what is good for you? BEER. Anthony Carboni explains why you should pour a nice cold one next time you want to get healthy.
Americans Are Fat AND Happy!
Trace takes a look at Americans' "ideal weight" and how it's changed over the years. Research shows we're getting heavier but we're okay with it.
Debunking the Blood-Type Diet
The Blood Type Diet (AKA Eat Right 4 Your Type) claims there are certain foods and lifestyles better suited for different blood types. Is there any merit to this? And why do we have different types of blood in the first place?
Sleep Loss Screws Your Genes
Sleep deprivation can really mess you up in lots of ways. Now a new study published by the National Academy of Sciences suggests that the effects may run even deeper than you thought.
Does Lightning Cause Migraines?
Lightning could have triggered your last headache! As crazy as it sounds, it's true, according to new research. But how does it happen and what can you do to prevent it? Laci breaks it all down.
Drone Pilots Get Stress Disorders Too
Drone pilots do their work from a remote location, but that doesn't keep them out of harm's way. New research shows they suffer from many of the same kinds of stress disorders as those in combat. Anthony explains why.
HIV Cures Cancer?? WTF!
Are viruses all bad? As it turns out, certain retroviruses just might be the key to keeping us healthy and even curing disease. Trace explains how we can harness some of the world's most dangerous bugs to keep us healthy!
Bionic Eye Cures Blindness
First Bionic Arms -- now Bionic Eyes! Last week the FDA gave approval to the Argus II, a bionic eye that could potentially cure blindness in 15,000 people in the U.S. The Alpha IMS, a new implant in early testing, has cured blindness in eight peo ...
Acne Bacteria Clears Skin?
Bacteria living on our skin can cause zits -- gross. But Laci Green's got news from a study that shows not all acne bacteria are evil! Some might even be helping us out.
Fitness Tech at CES 2013 - Helping Make a Healthier You
They call it the "qualitative self," and this concept is the source of a ton of new products and technology that helps to keep you healthy!
What Doping Is and How Lance Armstrong Did It
Lance Armstrong confesses to doping. But what methods did he use and why weren't doctors ever able to detect it? Anthony Carboni breaks down the sophisticated methods Lance and his team used and what it means.
3D Movies Make You Sick
Ever felt nauseous or dizzy during a 3D movie? You're not alone. Anthony explains why 3D tends to make most people sick.
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