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Jun 14, 2013
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Is Sexiness Hereditary? Mouse Moms Show Yes
Could sexiness come from our parents? Possibly. New research reveals that at least for mice, promiscuous moms bear sexier-smelling sons. But as guest host Annie Gaus reports, all this sexiness is not without its downsides.
Your Face Is Made of Junk DNA!
You've heard of junk DNA... well turns out it's not 'junk' after all! As Anthony explains, that DNA is actually what gave you that pretty little face of yours.
Is Creativity Learned or Inherited?
We inherit eye and skin color, but what about things like creativity or musical talent? Is creativity something we're born with, or something we learn? Guest host Annie Gaus goes in search of answers.
Design Your Own Baby: Patent Granted
Genetics company 23andMe was just granted a patent on technology that allows you to design a child in the same way you might a car or a house. Is this really the future of baby-making? And if so, is this a good or bad development?
How Twins Advance Science
Identical twins are a rare biological glitch that may help advance science! People with identical DNA give researchers a chance to test a variety of things, from new medicine to genetic disorders. Trace details a new, truly out-of-this-world study.
How Does Gene Therapy Work?
Scientists have promised that gene therapy will be the next big leap for medicine. It's a term that's tossed about regularly, but what, exactly, is it? Trace shows us how scientists can change our very genetic code.
How to Change Our Own Genes
It's called epigenetics, and according to new research it can influence everything from a human's weight to a small animal's propensity to fall in love. As Anthony tells us, small life changes actually give us control over how these genes are exp ...
World's First 3-Parent Babies Coming Soon
The UK is paving the way for a special in vitro fertilization process that gives one baby DNA from three parents. The incredible advancement can eliminate terrible diseases, but for some it's alarming. Is it just another step toward designer babies?
98% of Your DNA is Junk
New research shows our DNA is absolutely loaded with ... NOTHING. Ninety-eight percent of our DNA plays no role in our development. But, as Trace learns, the findings may not be so black and white.
Is China Engineering Smarter Babies?
One of the most advanced genomics institutes in the world is working hard to create a new generation of super-smart kids. So how smart are we talking, and what might this mean for future generations? Trace uses his own super powerful brain and fi ...
Gene Patents: 5 Things You Should Know
The debate over whether we can patent genes has come to a head, with the U.S. Supreme Court weighing in on two human genes linked to cancer. Laci has all the details on what you need to know about this colossal decision and the impact it could ha ...
How Many Times Can You Clone a Clone?
Cloning something used to only work a few times before terrible problems occurred. At last, Japanese scientists have found a way around this! Anthony has the crazy details about hitting "clone" on repeat.
Sleep Loss Screws Your Genes
Sleep deprivation can really mess you up in lots of ways. Now a new study published by the National Academy of Sciences suggests that the effects may run even deeper than you thought.
DNA Data Storage: Your Genetic Material is a Hard Drive
Using DNA as a hard drive? Scientists at the European Bioinformatics Institute over in the UK, have actually done it. Anthony find out if you'll ever do this at home.
How Old is the Human Race?
How long have humans been walking the planet? Turns out, the answer is in our genes! Trace explains.
Scientists Probe For Smoking Gene
Discovery News reporter Kasey-Dee Gardner tries out a new genetic test for lung cancer that may make it easier to find out who's at risk.
The Futurist: Retro-Engineering Dinos
Flip a genetic switch and turn a bird into a dino? Not quite, but not so far off either. James Williams gets the story from paleontologist Jack Horner.
Zoo's DNA Lab Cracks Cases Like CSI
Researchers at the Smithsonian's National Zoo's new genetics lab use animal DNA to diagnose new diseases, help in conservation efforts and solve mysteries. Jorge Ribas goes inside.
DNA Reveals Dog Heritage
A new DNA test solves the questions of what's in your mixed-breed dog. Kasey-Dee Gardner reports.
DNA Survives Bomb Blast
Tracing bomb builders through the DNA left on their bombs? James Williams gets a tour of how it?s done.
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