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Nov 20, 2012
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Time-Lapse Sky Project Explained
Artist Ken Murphy wanted to create artwork that drew on the patterns of nature. So he took 8,640 pictures of the sky every day for one year to create a mosaic of time-lapse movies.
Bioluminescent Waves Explained
Multiple videos of bioluminescent waves off the coast of California have us wondering: What kind of otherworldly phenomenon is this? To find out, Jorge Ribas talks to a marine biologist.
Extreme Sports Risk-Taking Explained
Ever wonder why some people are more likely to take risks than others? Why some can catapult themselves off giant slip and slides, and others get scared on roller-coasters? Jorge Ribas gets the answer.
Orangutan Uses Towel To Cool Off Explained
Nothing beats draping a wet towel on your face to cool off on a hot summer day. And this orangutan heartily agrees. So how did she learn to do this? Jorge Ribas finds out.
Barking Cat Explained
A cat that barks? What is going on here? Yasmin Gazelle finds out the truth behind this canine-impersonating feline.
Breakdancing Gorilla Explained
Zola the Gorilla has got some serious b-boy moves. But what's really going on here? Jorge Ribas talks to zookeeper Garth Irvine from the Calgary Zoo to find out.
Dancing Zombie Squid Explained
A restaurant in Japan is serving up some very fresh sushi. The "dead" squid begins to squirm as soy sauce is poured over it, but why? Martin Berman speaks with a chemist to find out what's going on.
NASA Hover Test Flight Explained
NASA's robotic lander autonomously launches, hovers, and lands. And it could be the future of planetary exploration. Martin Berman finds out how it works.
Jumping Carp Attack Explained
A family outing on a small river gets wild when Asian carp begin jumping out of the water by the dozens. Martin Berman talks with the Great Lakes Fishery Commission for information about these invasive carp.
UFOs Over London Explained
New videos appear to show UFOs hovering over London. But our resident skeptic Ben Radford shares five reasons why he thinks it's probably a hoax. Martin Berman reports.
Transformers: Wingsuit Flying Explained
The newest Transformers movie features an extreme sport called wingsuit flying. To learn more about this form of human flight, Martin Berman talks to a pro who's been jumping off cliffs for years.
Lioness Tries to Eat Baby Explained
A curious baby gets a look inside a lion's mouth, with a thick piece of glass safely separating them. But was the lioness really looking for a snack, or just being playful? Jorge Ribas finds out.
Weird Japanese Sport Botaoshi Explained
What looks like a violent mash-up of rugby, king of the hill and capture the flag is a competition played in some Japanese schools. Martin Berman learns more about the unique sport.
First BMX Triple Backflip Explained
BMX rider Jed Mildon completed the world's first triple backflip on his bike, seemingly defying the laws of gravity in the process. Martin Berman talks to Mildon to find out how he prepared himself for the record-breaking feat.
Surfing Geese Explained
A gaggle of geese float down the Colorado River and onto a giant, man-made wave! Are they surfing or just trying to survive (or maybe a little bit of both)? Jorge Ribas gets the answer.
Exoskeleton Helps Student Walk Explained
Four years after being paralyzed in a car accident, UC Berkeley graduate Austin Whitney was able to walk again thanks to a new robotic exoskeleton. Jorge Ribas finds out how it works.
Boy Playing with Otter Explained
An otter and human child appear to be playfully interacting in this video taken at the San Diego Zoo. Is this the beginning of a life-long friendship between two different species? Jorge Ribas finds out.
Dramatic Flood Rescue Explained
The daring rescue of an elderly woman from a flooded river in Missouri is caught on video. Jorge Ribas interviews one of the Missouri National Guard citizen-soldiers to get the details of the mission.
Animatronic Eye Mechanism Explained
These animatronic eyes are so realistic they're almost creepy! So how do they work? Jorge Ribas finds out.
Japan Earthquake Dog Explained
A video from the earthquake aftermath in Japan appears to show a muddy, shivering dog loyally waiting by an injured friend. Jorge Ribas finds out what the dog might be going through in the midst of this tragedy.
Baby Laughing Hysterically Explained
Babies are cute. Even cuter? A baby that laughs hysterically while his father tears up pieces of paper. But just what is so funny about it? Jorge Ribas finds out.
Cat Living in Tree Explained
Born in a tree, Almond the Cat now makes it her home. To find out if the cat will ever come down, Jorge Ribas talks to an expert in animal behavior.
Amazing Plant Recovery Explained
How does this drooping, wilted houseplant spring back to life so quickly after a little watering? Jorge Ribas gets the explanation.
Evaporating Water in -22 Fahrenheit Explained
This video shows a resident of Yellowknife, Northwest Territories in Canada throwing boiling water into very, very cold air. A fellow Yellowknife resident and high school chemistry teacher explains the surprising results.
Dead Spot on Hisense Arena Explained
Tennis balls are supposed to bounce. So what happened to this ball during a match at the Australian Open? Jorge Ribas explains.
Ducks Blown Off Their Feet Explained
If ducks can fly, then why can't they stand through the wind in this viral video? James Williams gets an explanation.
Crows vs Cat vs Cat Street Fight Explained
Birds attacking cats! Cats attacking each other! What's going on in this viral video? James Williams gets the explanation.
Cat vs Gator Explained
When a cat meets an alligator in a viral video...the cat wins? How is that possible? James Williams talks to an alligator expert to find out.
Trick Football Play Explained
When an epic trick play during a Driscoll Middle School football game went viral on YouTube, we wanted to know why it worked in the first pace. James Williams gets an explanation.
Chaplin's Time Traveler Explained
Is that a time traveler chatting on a cell phone in an old Charlie Chaplin film from 1928? James Williams gets two possible explanations on what's happening in this viral YouTube video.
iPhone In Space Explained
Why did a Brooklyn man send his iPhone soaring towards outer space? Discovery News' James Williams finds out.
DJ Got Us Falling In Love Explained
BeenerKeeKee19952 amasses millions of views with his lip synching videos on YouTube. What makes him so watchable? James Williams gets an explanation.
Ant Death Circles Explained
Why are these ants walking to death in this YouTube video? James Williams gets an explanation from a fire ant expert.
Fire Tornado Explained
Fire tornadoes are rare in nature, but when they do start spinning they're even hotter than a regular fire. James Williams gets an explanation on how and why they occur from a fire protection expert.
Giant Double Rainbow Explained
When Paul Vasquez reacted to a giant double rainbow outside his California home, he asked: "What does it mean?" We have an answer. Discovery News' James Williams and Ian O'Neill explain.
World Cup 2010: Annoying Vuvuzelas Explained
Vuvuzelas let the fans be heard during soccer matches in a big way. James Williams finds out if the sounds this instrument makes are really that annoying - and why.
UFO Over Gold Coast Explained
In June 2010, a mysterious light was seen in the early morning skies over Australia. Was it a UFO? Can it be explained? James Williams speaks with Discovery News Space producer Ian O'Neill to find out.
Extraordinary Gorilla Encounter Explained
When Damian Aspinall reconnects with a gorilla he cared for 5 years ago, the gorilla has an almost human-like reaction. Is that reaction what it really looks like? James Williams gets an explanation.
Octopus Steals Video Camera Explained
An octopus grabbed Victor Huang's video camera from his hands as he was spearfishing - then took off. Why would an octopus do this? James Williams gets an explanation.
Hair-raising Subwoofer Explained
A YouTube video shows a girl's hair standing on end, jumping to the beats of a loud sound system. Can a subwoofer REALLY cause hair to dance? James Williams gets the explanation.
Dog Howls Baby To Sleep Explained
A YouTube video shows a dog seemingly howling a baby to sleep. Is that what's really going on? James Williams gets the real story.
Chimp Goes Crazy Explained
A chimp appears to perform for a human audience in a recent YouTube video, but is that what's really going on? James Williams finds out.
Dump Truck Destroys Highway Bridge Explained
When a dump truck plowed through a pedestrian highway bridge in Turkey, we wondered how it was that nobody was seriously hurt. James Williams gets the explanation.
Death Metal Rooster Explained
Death Metal Rooster - a viral video on YouTube - shows a rooster screeching loudly for almost 30 seconds. James Williams found out how it's able to keep it up for as long as it does.
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