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Nov 20, 2012
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Total Recall: Why We Love Depressing Futures
In the film Total Recall, the future once again looks bleak. Martin Berman looks into why fiction has preferred to show the future as dystopian rather than utopian.
Roller Derby: Girls on Wheels
There's a women's roller derby renaissance going on in Washington, D.C. A far cry from the cheesy staged fights of the 1970's, today's roller derby is based on stamina and skill. Discovery News takes a look at these hard-hitting athletes.
Superheroes: Why We Love Them
From Batman to Spider-Man, we love our superheroes. And whether they're busting bad guys in comic books or flying around on movie screens, they're more popular than ever. Jorge Ribas finds out why.
DJ Got Us Falling In Love Explained
BeenerKeeKee19952 amasses millions of views with his lip synching videos on YouTube. What makes him so watchable? James Williams gets an explanation.
Barrios Unidos Offers Alternative to Gangs
Former gang members lead a healing circle as part of Barrios Unidos, a group that works to provide alternatives to gangs. Young people are encouraged to talk about their experiences in a safe environment. Jorge Ribas reports.
Cheaters Among Us
Some people cheat in relationships, others don't. Kasey-Dee Gardner finds out the science behind adultery.
The Skinny on Smooching
Ever wonder why we kiss? James Williams looks into one theory that explains it.
The Break-Up Addiction
New research shows the area of the brain associated with addiction is triggered during breakups. Kasey-Dee Gardner reports.
Why Do We Fear Death?
Afraid of the dark? Of heights? Of death? This week on Why? Tell Me Why! Kasey-Dee Gardner traces the origins of deep-rooted fear.
Why Do We Forget Things?
Have you ever noticed how you can forget where you put your car keys, yet remember how to ride a bike? This week Kasey-Dee Gardner gets to the root of why we forget certain things and remember others.
Why is it So Hard to Lose Weight?
Most people know it's much easier to gain weight than to lose it. But, have you ever stopped and wondered why it's so hard to shed the pounds? This week Kasey-Dee Gardner finds out the scientific reason for this frustrating battle against the bulge.
Video Game Addiction Explained
Video games are notorious for their dedicated players. Kasey-Dee Gardner finds out why gamers can sometimes become addicted to their favorite video games.
What is E. coli?
While most strains of the bacterium Escherichia coli are completely harmless, some can cause serious food poisoning in humans, occasionally leading to kidney failure and death. Jorge Ribas reports.
Can you REALLY detect a lie?
Can you REALLY tell if your friend is lying to you? As it turns out, probably not. James Williams isn't lying when he says deception is a tricky thing.
Kasey-Dee Gardner finds out why people in different geographic locations in the United States have different accents, eh.
Why Can't We Look at the Sun?
You've probably always heard that it's not safe to look at the sun. This week Kasey-Dee Gardner finds out why our eyes are naturally sensitive to sun light.
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