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Nov 20, 2012
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3 Questions: Volcanoes!
Could humans MAKE a volcano erupt? That answer and more as James Williams questions a volcanologist thrice.
3 Questions: Life in Caves
Karst ecologist Mike Slay talks about the some of the scariest and grossest moments he's had down in the caves. Jorge Ribas gets the dirt.
3 Questions: Star Aging
Discovery News unlocks the mysteries of stars and finds out why a star's age matters.
3 Questions: Black Holes
Did you know there's a black hole in the center of our galaxy? Kasey- Dee asks the astronomer who discovered it 3 questions.
3 Questions: Mars
Have you ever wondered if the human race could survive on Mars? Discovery Channel Space Producer Dave Mosher gets the answer to this question and more.
3 Questions: Floods
The rising floods in Iowa raises questions about floods in general. James Williams gets some answers.
3 Questions: Exoplanets
What does it take to find a planet 63 light years from Earth? Devin Powell gets the answers from an astronomer who's done just that.
3 Questions: Mars Tectonics
Who's got the biggest volcanoes - Mars or Earth? Find out that answer and more as James Williams poses 3 questions to a scientist who knows.
3 Questions: Martian Methane
We've discovered the source of methane on Mars - what's the big deal? Jorge Ribas asks three questions to find out.
3 Questions: Hurricane-Prone Coastlines
Hurricanes can do a LOT of damage - but can they do any good? James Williams gets the answer to this question and more.
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