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Mar 13, 2015 02:00 PM ET // AFP
The 21-year-old patient had his penis amputated three years ago after a botched circumcision at a traditional initiation ceremony.
Mar 12, 2015 09:15 AM ET // Sheila M. Eldred
There have been no adverse effects in the 37 people who have had one eye treated in trials, but it's too early to know what long-term effects the procedure could have.
Feb 26, 2015 11:59 AM ET // Lori Cuthbert
A human head transplant is within our reach, claims a doctor who's looking to form a team to try it. Continue reading →
Nov 4, 2014 02:52 PM ET // Sheila M. Eldred
It doesn't happen often, but a new study finds that occasionally people wake up during surgery. Continue reading →
Sep 25, 2014 08:45 AM ET // AFP
The victim is recovering well after undergoing surgery. He was shot twice after becoming accidentally caught up in a bank robbery.
Jan 21, 2014 06:43 AM ET
The end of stitches is near! Scientists have been experimenting with different adhesives, and one of the most promising is from sandcastle worms, which excrete an adhesive substance that could hold things together in, say, a human heart!
Sep 25, 2013 06:00 PM ET // Tia Ghose, LiveScience
Doctors in China are growing a new nose on a man's forehead to replace the one that was damaged by an infection.
Aug 20, 2013 11:30 AM ET // AFP
Bulgarian surgeons remove a giant tumor that accounted for about a third of the patient's body weight.
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