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Mar 27, 2014 08:58 AM ET
A new experimental technique can take the DNA from a single strand of hair and generate a mugshot. Anthony tells you how this technology works and what it could mean for the future of crime fighting.
Mar 20, 2014 01:05 PM ET // Paul Heltzel
We open our eyes wide or narrow them to help identify danger, an adaptation that affects our perception of reality. Continue reading →
Feb 15, 2014 09:54 AM ET // AFP
Neoracism, or discrimination on the basis of genetics, is endemic in scientific research, bringing to mind slavery and Nazis, some experts say.
Jan 16, 2014 04:30 PM ET // Eric Niiler
A new DNA test could spot fakes, but it won't make chocolate taste any better.
Jan 13, 2014 12:40 PM ET
For three years now, it has been widely debated whether or not the Y chromosome will disappear. Will men cease to exist on Earth without the gene that created them? Anthony takes a look at recent findings on the slow demise of the Y chromosome.
Dec 31, 2013 04:56 AM ET
2013 was a big year in the world of gene research. We're learning incredible things about why we are the way we are. Guest host Cristen Conger, from Stuff Mom Never Told You, runs down her list of the most interesting genes discovered this year!
Dec 18, 2013 01:00 PM ET // Jennifer Viegas
Neanderthals and Denisovans bred with our ancestors and left behind their genetic heritage.
Dec 4, 2013 04:35 AM ET
The premise of Assassin's Creed is the reliving of other people's memories stored inside DNA. Well, scientists have found that in mice this actually happens! Anthony is joined by special guest Tara Long, from Hard Science, to explain how it works.
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