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Dec 17, 2015 01:54 PM ET // Sheila M. Eldred
Whether you have 'bah humbug' syndrome around the holidays shows up in your brain.
Dec 13, 2015 06:40 AM ET // Laine Bergeson
What's in a tear? It depends why it was shed.
Dec 15, 2015 07:00 AM ET // Talal Al-Khatib
If you think you ever messed up big in 2015, take a look at some of the sorriest people of the past year.
Nov 9, 2015 12:06 PM ET
Hallucinations are more common than you might imagine, and you don't even have to be on drugs or be in a psych ward to have them.
Oct 30, 2015 12:56 PM ET
It turns out that the shape of the brain actually matters, with certain personality traits linked to the size of various areas of our noggins.
Sep 24, 2015 01:11 PM ET
The number of ADHD cases in kids has surged in the U.S. in the last 10 years. What's going on? Are doctors over-diagnosing the disorder or is it really running rampant? And aren't kids supposed to be full of energy?
Sep 8, 2015 12:57 PM ET
Do you get hand-shakey when you're about to speak in public, or do anything else that fills you with anxiety and dread? That's just adrenalin having its way with you. DNews shares a quick breathing technique to keep the panic at bay.
Aug 27, 2015 12:00 PM ET // Talal Al-Khatib
Highly neurotic individuals can be capable of major creative breakthroughs, as well as debilitating emotional breakdowns.
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