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Remembering 9/11, But Scaling Back: Today dawned bright, beautiful and cool, much like that Tuesday 11 years ago that would turn so horrific.

But on this 9/11 anniversary, many  places have scaled back their memorials, perhaps with the thought that while it's important to remember, it's also important to move on.

Friends and family of those lost at the World Trade Center return to Ground Zero today to read the names of their loved ones. But this year, there will be no presidents, governors or other politicians taking part in the ceremonies. And replacing big names like Yo-Yo Ma, Paul Simon and James Taylor, there will be a local youth chorus.

In Washington, D.C. the National Cathedral will not be hosting a memorial to presidents and the like, but instead will be simply offering prayers during regularly scheduled services. Two New Jersey towns that, together, lost nearly 700 residents, are not holding official memorials this year.

"It's sad, because you want everybody to remember, but I understand that

life goes on," Kate Pruim, a Montclair, N.J., resident whose husband died in

the World Trade Center, told the New York Times.

On this bright Tuesday, it will be impossible for many not to remember. But, unlike last year's 10th anniversary of the attacks, this year's remembering will be done more quietly.

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