What Happens When You Microwave Everything You Shouldn't? (Video)

Image via YouTube screenshot.

If you’ve ever wondered what would happen if you put a ball of tinfoil or a watermelon in the microwave, but aren’t gutsy (or stupid) enough to try it at home (good for you!), this video should tell you everything you need to know. You’ll also learn about the effects of dielectric heating on eggs, bars of soap, light bulbs, and even a bottle of champagne. Here’s a quick summary: soap foams, everything else explodes.

Image via YouTube screenshot.

The video, titled “Microwaves Ruin Everything,” was produced by Moe’s Southwest Grill as part of a campaign to promote its microwave-free approach to cooking. It also features a tomato, a lime, a Tropical Punch drink, and a CD.

So enjoy the video, but please heed its opening warning:

Do not try this at home. Especially if you like to see, smell, hear, touch, talk and breathe.


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