Visiting Legoland: The Mecca for Toy Lovers of All Ages


For kids of any age, there is perhaps no place in the world that promises fun and creative stimulation quite like LEGOLAND. Of course, there are opportunities to visit LEGO Parks around the world, including the popular location in Southern California, but for the ultimate trip there is no substitute for the original: LEGOLAND Billund, in Denmark.

Upon entering the park, LEGO maniacs will be stunned and inspired by the site of thousands of bricks joined together to create animals, tableaus, landscapes, and more. Nearly everything in the park is rendered in LEGO bricks.

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Of course, there is ample opportunity to actually play with LEGOs. In the Imaginationzone, vistors can unpack the full range of sets, build them, and recombine the pieces any way they wish. For many, however, the Imaginationzone is overshadowed by the activities outside.

In addition to the displays built from LEGO, there are countless rides that range from the gentle—designed mainly for young children—to the wild. Notable among these, is the Power Builder’s ride, which allows visitors to program the experience before they depart, altering variables for speed, motion, and intensity.

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Of course, like any major amusement park, there is food and accommodation available as well. Notable are the french fries, shaped like LEGO bricks, that can be connected and combined just like their plastic counterparts.

Indeed, at LEGOLAND, visitors are encouraged to play with everything—even their food.

Photo credit: MPD01605/Creative Commons

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