Turn A Lemon into a Spritz Bottle

Image: Quirky

Citrus is a wonderful way to spruce up a meal. But put away the knife. Instead of slicing lemons and squeezing out the juice, Stem is a fantastic kitchen accessory that allows you to turn lemons, limes and other citrus fruits into spray bottles.

Made of food-safe polypropylene, Stem is a simple but incredibly utilitarian cooking tool that extracts fruit juices in the form of a fresh and delicious mist.

Image: Quirky

Having tried this, I will say it works as described, but a little squeezing will go a long way. If you knead a whole intact lemon before inserting the end with the serrated teeth into the fruit, the spray is much more powerful. In addition to adding zest to meals, I find a lemon spritz can also freshen up a room.

Stem is well worth its $5 price tag. It debuted on the Quirky store a month ago, selling more than 12,000 units thus far. Quirky is a community of inventors whose designs are voted by members; the website brings two popular ideas to market each week.

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