Sochi Suicide Bomber Threat: Why Terrorists Use Women: Page 2


Bloom noted that Russian security forces have often taken liberties with strip searches, and there have been reports of sexual misconduct.

"That has fed into the propaganda used by the terrorist groups, there's this perception that the Russians will rape the women," Bloom said.

In researching her book, Bloom found that many of the Chechen women suicide bombers had family members that were part of the separatist groups. While some early bombers were motivated by revenge, others joined because their brothers, husbands or fathers had done the same thing.

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By using family members, the terrorist groups are assured that the bomber won't back out at the last moment, something that would cause them to lose face with the rest of their committed family members.

The attacks are meant to embarrass Russian president Vladimir Putin, and put fear into the lives of ordinary Russians. Already, some countries are rethinking the size of their Olympic delegations, although none have canceled so far.

One security expert says that even with the announcement of the female suicide bomber may already be in Sochi, he expects the Olympics should be trouble-free because of the 60,000 or more forces on the ground.

"There is a lot of international cooperation, they were clever enough to invite Western counterparts," said Manos Karagiannis, professor of defense studies at King's College London. "I think they have publicized pictures and the story about the Chechen women so they make sure the world knows and they won’t take the whole blame for it."

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