Pizza or Burgers? Pizza Hut Offers Both in One Package (Video)

Image: Pizza Hut Middle East

Not to be outdone by the U.K.’s Pizza Hut (which stuffs its crusts with hot dogs), Pizza Hut in the Middle East has concocted an amalgamation of a pie to satisfy strange late-night food cravings: your choice of pizza with cheeseburgers or chicken fillets for the crust.

Eater reports the Crown Crust Pizza includes toppings to match too. The cheeseburger pizza includes a special sauce (no word on what that entails) while the chicken variety includes barbecue sauce and green peppers. The blog also points out that in 2010, Pizza Hut Middle East put meatballs and cream cheese balls in their crusts. Uh, yum?


You can tell the kind of thinking that led to its creation. Do I want a pizza or burgers? Both! The most surprising part though is that such novel gastronomy isn’t available in America. Well, at least we have Taco Bell in Doritos shells.


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