Goodbye, Robin: Batman Sidekick to be Erased

Silver Screen Collection/Hulton Archive/Getty Images

"Kapow!" Zfft -- no more Boy Wonder. The days are numbered for Batman's famous sidekick Robin, who is scheduled to go out swinging in the upcoming issue number 8 of the DC Comics offshoot series "Batman Incorporated."

The illegitimate 10-year-old son of The Dark Knight himself, Damian "Robin" Wayne will reportedly die a hero's death at the hands of a formidable enemy. And it won't be too big of a spoiler to say he goes out saving the world.

It might seem like a harsh fate for a boy of just 10, but that's what happens when your father is Batman. A long life was probably never in his cards. This is not the first Robin to be killed in the Batman series, and it's anyone's guess whether he will somehow reappear. The Damian Wayne version of Robin has been around since 2006.

via the New York Post.

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