Matt Dances Around the World Again (Video)

Photo via mattharding2178 on YouTube

If you were an Internet user back in 2006, you might remember the viral video phenomenon spawned by Matt Harding, the globetrotting backpacker who went around the world with a video camera, and had himself recorded dancing with locals in dozens of countries. He’s done another “Where the Hell is Matt?” video since, a collective accomplishment that gave him worldwide media attention, Internet and television celebrity status, and even corporate sponsorship.

Dancing Matt has been out of the spotlight for the past few years, but he’s back in full dancing force with “Where the Hell is Matt? 2012″, a new video where he dances with locals in Namibia, France, Slovenia, the Gaza Strip, the Philippines, Rwanda, Afghanistan, Iraq, Thailand, Texas, Japan, and Estonia (to name just a few):


As you can see, he’s learned a couple of new dance moves since his 2008 video — e.g., ballet and breakdancing — in addition to his regular goofy dance from before. And at the end, you’ll see the revelation of what’s he’s been doing in the past few years when he’s not dancing: getting married and having a baby boy in Seattle.

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