Cutting Board Integrates Sliding Drawers to Streamline Food Prep

Image: Quirky

Cooking in a small space has its challenges.

Here to give you a little more prep room is the Mocubo chopping board from online invention community Quirky. The creation by Justin Giannone integrates three sliding containers that act as food storage. This streamlines food preparation, letting you quickly move on to slicing and dicing the next ingredient without disturbing your work flow. To date, Giannone has earned more than $10,000 for sales stemming from submitting this idea to Quirky.

Image: Quirky
Image: Quirky

Though the idea is simple (the best usually are), the Mocubo is well executed. The “one stop chop” is made of bamboo, a lovely, durable and regenerative material; the plant is one of the world’s fastest growing, sprouting about two inches an hour. The 16-by-11-inch surface is treated with mineral oil to further reinforce the bamboo’s strength against moisture and knife etchings.

Under the board, there are rubber feet to keep Mocubo from slipping and slots for three clear drawers to slide into place. A concept borrowed from industrial kitchens, the cutting board workstation screams efficiency. The drawers fit nicely beside the board, so you can sweep your cuttings quickly into them before working your knife skills on the next items. And of course, since your chopped up ingredients are stored underneath, this also maximizes available counter space. Though Mocubo primarily functions as a cutting board with storage, it also makes for an attractive serving platter, as you can see with the wine and cheese arrangement below.

Image: Quirky

Mocubo is a beautiful kitchen accessory that aims to make cooking organized, efficient and less stressful. It is available from Quirky and select retailers including Bed Bath & Beyond for $39.99.

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