Cupcakes Made With Mountain Dew and Doritos


Cupcakes are often thought of as girly snacks, but not the ones by John Rivers. They’re made with the ultimate man-food combination: soda and chips.

Mixing the sweet and savory, Rivers concocted a couple new flavors for his new bakery 4River Sweetshop, including Coke and Ruffles, Mountain Dew and Doritos, and in the works Nehi grape soda, though he’s searching for the right salty snack to pair it with. Pretzels didn’t turn out so well, apparently.

MSNBC took the plunge and did a taste test (head over to the site to see some delectable pictures). Here’s what it had to say:

e have to say, Coke and Ruffles come together to make one beautiful cupcake, baby. The soda-flavored icing is not too sweet and balances really well with the salty, crunchy chips that top the cupcake and are also added to the cake batter.

If you’re looking to create your own, here are some tips from Rivers, courtesy of MSNBC.

The key secret to using soda in cakes is to create a syrup out of it; boil it and reduce to about 25 to 30 percent, until it’s nice and thick – you can use that in place of some of other liquid in the batter recipe. You can also use it in the icing, but you only need a little bit; otherwise it will become runny. You can use potato chips in the batter and they will turn out fine when baked, but chips like Doritos should be reserved for a topping ,as they turn black when baked.

What do you think? Gross or delicious? Either way, these mancakes are definitely indulgent.

Image: zigazou76/Creative Commons

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