How Much Does it Cost to be Batman?


The econ students at Lehigh University are at it again. Previously, they crunched the numbers to find the cost of the Batmobile (an estimated $214,700). But now they’re looking at the expenses to become Batman.

They estimated an elite personal martial arts instructor charging about $60 an hour. It’s not unreasonable to say Bruce Wayne probably trained four hours a day, six days a week, bringing the annual cost to $74,880. When he returned to Gotham City, he likely had to charter a private plane to avoid being detected. At $1,550 an hour, a 13-hour flight between Beijing and New York comes to $20,150. Equipment adds on another $147,000. Trusty butler Alfred also costs a pretty penny. If he charged $30 an hour every hour of every day, his yearly salary comes to about $262,800. Factoring other miscellaneous costs, Centives thinks it’d come to $2.8 million. But if Wayne uses only one graphite helmet instead of, say, 10,000, that number is significantly lower at $806,386.19.

Centives also took a stab at Bruce Wayne’s net worth. Given Wayne Enterprises’s many divisions, its net income is likely about $1.45 billion. Given Wayne’s controlling stake, his worth is about $11.6 billion — considerably more than Forbes‘ estimate of $6.9 billion.

Image: Slideshow Bruce/Creative Commons

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