175-Pound Gum Ball Made of 95,200 Pieces of Chewed Nicorette Sets World Record

Image: Art and Coin TV

Barry Chappell’s Nicorette gum collection weighs 175 pounds. He’s been collecting it for six years, carefully adding new pieces to his giant gum ball measuring 62 inches in circumference. So big it’s actually registered as the world’s largest medicated gum ball by Ripley’s, Pop Candy reports.

In 2006 Barry Chappell was on a long flight to Europe and found he had nowhere to throw away the Nicorette gum he was chewing. So what did Barry do? He rolled it into a ball, and did the same with his next piece of gum. It wasn’t long before the man decided to create the world’s largest gumball. Six years and 95,200 pieces of gum later, Barry has done just that.

It’s nice to know some people still follow their dreams. Chappell has elaborate instructions for adding to his gum ball. Here’s a nice, weird and gross behind-the-scenes graphic below. Like all Ripley’s warnings: Please do not try this at home. It’s not dangerous — just unsanitary. Seriously, who wants to use their sauna to heat chewed Nicorette gum?

Image: Art and Coin TV

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