10 Incredible Athletes of a Certain Age That Will Seriously Inspire You


As you read this sentence, you are older than you’ve ever been. And now, you’re older still. Indeed, aging is an unavoidable truth of human life but getting old isn’t necessarily a part of it.

Though people have been trying to cheat aging for much of recorded history, these athletes have found a simple solution: Age is not a limit and certainly not a reason to slow down.

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1. Centenarian Sikh runner Fauja Singh is the oldest person to complete a marathon

Photo credit: Jeff J Mitchell/Getty Images

2. Olga Kotelko, who still competes, holds every track and field world record in the 90-95 year old age group

Photo credit: Mark Nolan/Getty Images

3. Peggy McAlpine paraglides for a new world record at age 104

Photo credit: YouTube

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4. Japan’s Hiroshi Hoketsu is the oldest person to compete in the Olympics at 71

Photo credit: Alex Livesey/Getty Images

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5. Gymnast Johanna Quaas spins like a teenager at 86

Photo credit: YouTube


6. Randy Couture redefined age limits by competing in MMA bouts into his 40s

Photo credit: Jon Kopaloff/Getty Images

7. Swimmer Dana Torres won three silver medals at age 41 during the 2008 Olympic games

Photo credit: Adam Pretty/Getty Images

8. Diane Pieknik waited until retirement at age 65 to pick up hockey

Photo credit: YouTube

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9. Min Bahadur Sherchan summited Mount Everest at age 77, the oldest person ever to do so

Photo credit: Mogens Engelund/Creative Commons

10. At 49, Jamie Moyer is the oldest player to pitch a winning game in MLB history

Photo credit: Doug Pensinger/Getty Images

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