Excellent Idea of the Day: Schwagbox for Bike Riders

The Schwagbox comes with a monthly supply of energy gels, bike components and more.
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<p>Before you resort to the fruit-of-the-month club for the last people on your holiday gift list, check out the new endurance athlete's version: Schwagbox.</p>

<p>The folks at the biking blog bikerumor.com plan to ship their first box of biking and triathlon goodies in January. For $120 a year, you can sign the athlete in your life up for a monthly sampling of "gels, bars, creams, gear, components, lubes and other lotions and potions" chosen by bikerumor.com editors.</p>

<p>"We get to try new product constantly, and we wanted to share that opportunity with everyone that rides," <a href="http://www.outsideonline.com/blog/outdoor-adventure/biking/schwagbox-goods-of-the-month-club-for-cyclists.html" target="_blank">Bikerumor founder Tyler Benedict told Outside</a>. "Schwagbox lets us hand pick the most exciting, best tasting, and most functional items to share from established brands as well as upstarts."</p>

<p>That means you may be tasting the newest flavor of Gu or testing the newest dry lube before the guys at the local bike shop; each package will contain about four or five products. Merry biking!</p>

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