Discovery's Couch Potato 2011 Gift Guide


As the weather turns colder and outdoor activities take more effort (and clothing), many people retreat to their living rooms to enjoy doing from their sofas. The couch potatoes in all of us deserve love just like anyone this holiday season. That being said, Discovery's Holiday Gift Guide 2011: For the Couch Potato contains items that could even make the slothiest of the sloths jump for joy.

The top of my favorites list is the Xbox 360 with Kinect. If you haven't heard of the Kinect then you must have been on a simulated mission to Mars during 2011. The Kinect was everywhere, invented for gaming wit the Xbox 360, but used by hackers and others to do some amazing things; the Kinect is one of the coolest things to come out of Microsoft since the "Start" menu. With a Kinect, your couch potato will stand in front of the TV, the system will be able to "see" them and from there the fun can get crazy. The Kinect uses your body as the controller, letting you slash with an invisible sword, dance a jig or "play" sports. This gift is great for any couch potato and will get even the most determined inactive potato off their duff.

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The holidays are a time for entertaining, and just because your potato wants to stay home, doesn't mean you serve the best to your guests. With the Krups BeerTender you can pop in a 5 Liter keg of Heineken and get a good-as-draft-beer taste right on your counter. There are temperature controls, and even an indicator to show the amount of beer remaining. Don't anticipate tapping out in one party? No problem. The BeerTender can keep the beer cold and fresh for 30 days, more than enough to get you through the season. Who doesn't like a tasty brew during the cold winter months?

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After you've shifted your couch potato into high gear with the Kinect, and your guests have gone home (complimenting you on your BeerTender); you might have to clean the aftermath. Rather than vacuuming the old fashioned way, grab the Mint Plus Floor Cleaning Robot to do it for you. The machine sweeps and mops on hardwood, tile and laminate floors, guided by NorthStar 2.0, which acts like an indoor GPS. It uses microfiber cloths, but is also compatible with Swiffer cloths. If it sounds advanced, that's because it is. The robot only takes two hours to recharge.

With these three gifts around the room you can be confident that your couch potato will be pleased enough to ask for company on their sacred space. Maybe they'll even share the blankets.


Check out the entire gift guide here.

Images: Xbox, Krups, Evolution Robotics

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