Breast-feeding Baby Doll Arrives in U.S. Markets


Deciding whether or not to breast-feed is a decision every new mother makes, but should little girls playing mommy be able to mimic breast-feeding, too?

One company, Berjuan Toys, certainly thinks so and plans to release its toy doll "The Breast Milk Baby" in the United States this spring.

The doll, marketed as "Bebe Gloton" in Europe in 2009, has dropped its gluttonous-sounding name for the U.S. release.

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The dolls come with a breast-feeding halter top that activates a suckling response from the doll when placed in contact with the chest area. They also emit a cry when they need to be burped.

But will The Breast Milk Baby do well in America?

So far, opinions are mixed, namely over whether playing with the doll sexualizes young girls or encourages them to pursue motherhood above other aspirations later in life.

One parent says the doll might help his daughter identify with her mom as she breast-feeds a younger sibling, according to an ABC News video. The video also shows an interview with a psychiatrist who says he sees no harm in young girls using the doll and does not believe the toys will negatively affect normal development in girls.

In recent years, more institutions, including the World Health Organization, have recommended breast over bottle, especially for the first six months. Despite more than 70 percent of women in the United States giving breast-feeding a try, only 43 percent of mothers kept it up for the first six months of their children's lives, according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention.

In reality, breast-feeding may be a more realistic portrayal of motherhood for children.

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Reflecting this sentiment, a company representative told ABC News the doll is intended to feed into girls' nurturing nature and teach them that breast-feeding is normal.

On the other hand, other parents think this "magic of motherhood," as the company advertises, is too much for young, impressionable girls.

What do you think? Is The Breast Milk Baby age-appropriate for young girls? Would you pay $89 for a version of Savannah, Lilyang or Jeremiah for your child?


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