April Fools' Day Headline CONTEST...Plus Your Comments!


Each week we're honoring the best of our readers' comments across our Facebook, Twitter and our article pages! Watch the video below for our response to your angriest, funniest and most insightful comments and then read on for other honorable mentions.

But first:


Come up with a new and FUNNY headline for our No. 1 story in March: God's Wife Edited Out of the Bible — Almost

Leave your new headline suggestion in the "comments" section below.

The headline that makes us laughs the hardest WINS A FREE T-SHIRT with their headline on it!



We're glad to help @WhippetSociety sleep better at night because of this story: "Blow Your Mind: Pope on a Cosmic Rope."





Sorry to make @dharmafrog and @JA88ERW0CK cry with the following stories: "Proof of Creation Dino Drawing Just a Mud Stain" and "Mini Horse Gets Prosthetic Leg."





The "Funniest Comments of the Week" came in response to this story: "Monkey Barfs and Rechews Food." I feel especially bad for Claude F. Gauthier's brother — and Charlie Sheen.












The "Good Question of the Week" Award goes to Dan Bourke for wanting to know why space photos seem so low-fi in regard to this story: "History Made: MESSENGER Orbital Photograph of Mercury."










The "Best Sarcastic Comment of the Week" Award goes to Don Sleeper for his comment related to the following article: "Food Packaging Harbors Harmful Chemicals."








Special thanks to Darren Moorhouse for catching my typos this week! And for being understanding about it.

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