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Feb 3, 2016 05:00 AM ET // Jennifer Viegas
Stonehenge is giving up its secrets, and one appears to be that many influential women were buried at the ancient site.
Jan 19, 2016 01:38 PM ET // Rossella Lorenzi
A Medieval man appears to have walked with a wooden foot.
Jan 4, 2016 02:23 PM ET // Rossella Lorenzi
Archaeologists believe the man, who was likely in his 50s, was hung for piracy or other crimes.
Dec 21, 2015 11:55 AM ET // Rossella Lorenzi
Burials were found in a 400-year-old cemetery where sickles were placed around the throats of the deceased possibly to ward off demons.
Dec 21, 2015 09:04 AM ET // AFP
Thew news revives speculation about the identity of the mother of the boy king.
Dec 10, 2015 01:21 PM ET // Rossella Lorenzi
The long lost tomb of the the longest reigning sultan of the Ottoman Empire may have been found in Hungary.
Dec 7, 2015 10:40 AM ET // Megan Gannon, Live Science News Editor
The five embalmed human hearts were buried 400 years ago in a French cemetary. Continue reading →
Dec 7, 2015 08:37 AM ET // Stephanie Pappas, LiveScience
A CT scan reveals what looks like dark sediment inside a 3,200-year-old mummy's head.
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