MAD Magazine Flashback: Confidence in Government Crisis


As we move on to Chapter 4 of "MAD Magazine Flashback," a series that looks at MAD Magazine's "Crisis Primer" from 1974, issue #171, we can be happy that our government isn't in quite so much of a mess. Don't get me wrong; it's in a mess alright. We may have a Congress that has approval ratings almost in the single digits, BUT, our president isn't on his way to prison. That's a bonus, right?

You guessed it! It's the "The Confidence in Government Crisis." Buckle up.

Chapter 4: THE CONFIDENCE IN GOVERNMENT CRISIS Some people in this world actually do not believe What their Governments tell them. These people were once known as "Cynics"! Now they are known as "Americans"! Americans are very confused. They think our President has something to hide Just because he erases White House tapes, And fires Special Prosecutors and Attorney Generals. They don't understand that the President is just trying to bring back the good old days Of King George The Third. And Mr. Agnew confused Americans even more. He asked them to believe him when he said he wasn't guilty, And asked them not to believe him when he told the courts he was. Americans distrust Presidential Appointees who work in secrecy, Like Presidential Lawyers and Advisors who work behind locked doors Of Federal Penitentiaries.

Aren't you glad it's not 38 years ago? It's not great, but hey, we've had it worse.

Next up from the MAD Magazine Crisis Primer will be "The World Crisis."

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Cartoon: From MAD Magazine No. 171 © E.C. Publications, Inc.  Used with Permission.

“The Crises Primer” written by Stan Hart. Art by Paul Coker, Jr.,


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