Fidel Castro Killed by Rumors, Again


Today, the Internet was buzzing with the rumor that Fidel Castro, known as “El Presidente” in Cuba until 2008, when he ceded control to his brother Raul, has


False reports of Castro’s death have been circulating for years, especially after the news of his declining health following intestinal surgery.

Here are just a few examples of instances where the Cuban leader has allegedly “died”:

In 1986, long before the Cuban government announced Castro’s most recent health issues, rumors of Castro’s death “spread like wildfire” in Cuban-exile communities the world over.

In 1994, there were reports that he had died as a result of “anything from a stroke to an assassination attempt.”

Shortly after Castro first put out a statement to announce that he had suffered from intestinal bleeding in 2006, rumors began circulating that the leader was dying,

if not already dead. The Cuban leader even appeared on Cuban national television to show that he was alive and well — a move he has since repeated.

In 2007, celebrity blogger Perez Hilton reported that Fidel Castro had died, leading some in the Cuban-exile community in Miami to celebrate prematurely. Venezuelan President Hugo Chavez even spoke out to deny the rumors.

Although these are just a few of the many examples of Castro’s supposed demise, time and again, rumors of Castro’s death have been greatly exaggerated.

With so many crying wolf for so long, when the former Cuban leader finally passes away, will anyone actually believe it?

Photo Credit: Associated Press

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