Wildfires Threaten the U.S. Plains and Southwest


Parts of Oklahoma, Kansas, Texas, Colorado and New Mexico — 84,273 square miles in total — remain at extreme risk for more wildfires, warns the National Weather Service (NWS).

About 166,424 square miles of the surrounding regions, from Nebraska to Mexico, as at critical risk for fire, reports the Weather Service. A multi-year drought coupled with gusty winds and a trough of hot air centered over the Great Basin has put the area at risk.

PHOTOS: Fire Crews Continue to Battle Rim Fire

At least 9,500 acres have already burned in Oklahoma, reports KFOR. A 56-year-old man lost his life after refusing to leave his trailer before wildfire engulfed his home in Logan county. The same fire destroyed at least 30 structures and torched 3,000 acres.

Three more fires are raging in Woodward County. More than 150 firefighters have been treated and released at rehab locations in Oklahoma. Gov. Mary Fallin declared a state emergency for all 77 Oklahoma counties.

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Tuesday, firefighters tamed a wildfire in the Apache-Sitgreaves National Forests near the Arizona-New Mexico border, reported the National Forest Service on Twitter. The fire burned more than 300 acres after being detected on Saturday.

Photo: Flames jump the road as fire crews scramble to contain it in Logan County, Okla., after a controlled blaze ignited a wildfire threatening homes in the rural community.

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