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Jan. 30 -- A fast-moving, low-pressure system is predicted to bring snow from the Great Lakes to the Northeast through the weekend. This storm -- unlike the powerful nor'easter earlier in the week -- will drop a maximum of 6 inches of snow on parts of the Northeast.

The heaviest snow is expected across Maine, New Hampshire and eastern Massachusetts, according to the National Weather Service.

Snow and freezing rain are forecast for much of the Four Corners region -- and the Southwest will get a soaking through Sunday.

A second system could bring rain and snow to the West and Northewast through Monday, reports the Weather Channel:

"A more expansive stripe of snow is possible from the southern Rockies to New England as we close out January and say hello to February.

"First, a southward dip in the subtropical jet stream will wring out snow over the mountains of Utah, Colorado and New Mexico, as well as the adjacent southern High Plains late Thursday night into Saturday. Winter storm watches have already been posted for parts of far eastern Arizona and New Mexico."

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