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March 2 -- Much of the country is still in a deep freeze and there's more on the way. The storm the Weather Channel has dubbed "Thor" will bring snow from the Midwest to the East Coast this week. Boston could get another 6 inches, marking this a Beantown record for snowiest season ever.

Reports The Weather Channel:

"Thor will have three distinct phases: 1) Rockies, Desert Southwest; 2) Midwest to Northeast; 3) Southern Plains/Deep South to the Northeast. As a result, we won't be fully rid of Thor until later Thursday once the arctic front shoves the remaining snow off the East Coast."

Dallas and Atlanta were both digging out of ice storms this week. About 1,000 flights were cancelled at Dallas-Fort Worth International Airport.

"We were stuck on the tarmac for three hours," Katie Kacarab
told the USA Today as she tried to get back to California. "Told we had to get the plane de-iced," she said. "That we were in line, getting ready to do it — it was going to take 20 minutes. We became plane No. 7, plane No. 10."

Kacarab and the other passengers were then asked to leave the plane and waited for four hours in the airport before boarding again.

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