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Nov 20, 2012
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What's an Ocean Garbage Patch?
How much trash is in our oceans? And does it look more like a floating landfill or a plastic soup? Anna Cummins, co-founder of the 5 Gyres Project, gives Jorge Ribas the facts about her recent trip into the Atlantic Garbage Patch.
Solar Energy Simplified
Solar power can be complicated, but Solar Decathlon director Richard King gives Discovery News the lowdown on the three ways anyone can tap the sun's energy.
Where Does Our Garbage Go?
Researchers at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology have figured out how to track trash. They are doing this to get a better sense of people's disposal habits, which they hope will improve recycling efforts.
New York City's Trash Brightens Up
A New York City artist is installing a public art project throughout the streets to beautify the city and raise awareness of over-consumption and waste.
Urban Farms Grow Up
Discovery's Matt Danzico investigates vertical farming, an agricultural concept aimed at growing food and raising animals in skyscrapers in city centers.
Solar Home Tips Found at Solar Decathlon
Solar homes come with the latest in green appliances and innovative technology at the 2009 Solar Decathlon. Discovery News' Alyssa Danigelis gets some home improvement tips.
Products Help Gardeners Go Greener
Pesticides and fertilizers can wind up where you don't want them. founder Paul Tukey stops by Jorge Ribas' backyard and gives him some tips on eco-friendly gardening.
Environmental Art Warns of Change
Eve Mosher is taking her message to the streets. She's chalking a line across New York City that shows where flooding could reach if a really big storm hits.
Electric Car Feeds Grid
V2G technology can turn an electric car into a moving power station. Jorge Ribas rides shotgun with Willett Kempton, the man behind the concept.
Smart Grids Make Fridges Smarter
The smart grid may make our home appliances smarter too. Jorge RIbas finds out how.
Urban Agriculture Blooms
Produce is being grown in the most unlikely place. Discovery News' Matt Danzico takes a tour through New York City's sustainable agriculture barge.
Scientists Turn Wood into Fuel
Discovery's Tracy Staedter and Matt Danzico visit University of Massachusetts Amherst to learn how biomass gas be transformed into green gasoline.
Soy Surfboards Ride Waves of Future
Sustainable surfboard makers are using soy products to create the surfboards of the future. James Williams drops in on the story.
Truckin From Diesel to Veg Oil
A diesel-guzzling truck is converted to run on fryer oil. Take a trip with James Williams on the journey to veggie fuel automotion.
Solar Decathlon Illuminates Future Homes
How homey can a solar house really feel? The Discovery News team heads to the Solar Decathlon to see the light.
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