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Jun 14, 2013
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Found: The BIGGEST Volcano Out There!
Scientists believe they've discovered the largest volcano on Earth! But, as big as it is, it's still not the biggest one out there. Trace looks at the greatest volcanoes in our solar system.
The Ocean is in Danger!
June 8, 2013 is World Oceans Day. Anthony looks at the dire state of perhaps the most interesting and diverse part of our planet.
Giant Squid: King of the Ocean
At last, researchers have captured footage of the giant squid. How is it different from other big squid? Trace has the details.
Flushed Fish Invading Oceans
Flushing your fish down the toilet can be disastrous to the ocean's ecosystem, here's why!
Can We Build Cities Underwater?
What's easier to explore: outer space or the ocean? Laci's got the surprising answer -- and more -- right here!
Underwater Volcano Erupts as Predicted
Scientists have successfully predicted the eruption of an underwater volcano for the first time ever, proving that what's been done on land, can be done in the oceans. Martin Berman reports.
What's an Ocean Garbage Patch?
How much trash is in our oceans? And does it look more like a floating landfill or a plastic soup? Anna Cummins, co-founder of the 5 Gyres Project, gives Jorge Ribas the facts about her recent trip into the Atlantic Garbage Patch.
Ocean Hall Swims to Surface
From a prehistoric shark to a giant squid, the Smithsonian's new Sant Ocean Hall lets visitors experience the briny deep in unexpected ways. Jorge Ribas takes a tour.
Oceans Provide Flood of Info
With 3,000 monitors floating through the world's oceans at once, scientists are getting a flood of information about our seas. Discovery News' James Williams dives into the story.
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