Nov 20, 2012
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Hurricane Deaths
Hurricane winds gust at at over 200 mph, and the storms possess a force equivalent to exploding an atomic bomb every second. Find out how hurricanes cause more deaths each year than any other type of storm.
What are the odds a hurricane will hit New York City in the next 100 years?
2010 Hurricane Season in 1 Minute
Got a minute? Then watch the entire 2010 Atlantic hurricane season blow by at lightning speed! Earl! Danielle! Igor! Otto! They're all in there!
Hurricane Simulator Slams Houses
A one-of-a-kind wind and rain machine is giving scientists a better idea of how to help homes in hurricane prone areas. Kasey-Dee Gardner reports.
The First Lady Of Tropical Meteorology
When hurricanes churn across the Atlantic Ocean, much of what we know about them comes from the work of Joanne Simpson. James Williams sat down with her to learn more about her career.
Behind The Saffir-Simpson Hurricane Scale
Hurricanes played a big part in Robert Simpson's life, which is why his name is on the Saffir-Simpson Hurricane Scale. James Williams gets the details.
Extreme Storm Surveyor
If you'd rather drive towards a hurricane-ravaged coastline - instead of away from one - then you, too, might have a calling as an Extreme Storm Surveyor. James Williams takes a peek.
Hurricane Season 2009 In 1 Minute
Nine named storms in 3.5 months. All in one minute. A new time-lapse released from NASA and NOAA shows the 2009 hurricane season in a flash.
3 Questions: Hurricane-Prone Coastlines
Hurricanes can do a LOT of damage - but can they do any good? James Williams gets the answer to this question and more.
Hurricane Damage Detailed By Light
Hurricane destruction can shed light on what made an area so vulnerable in the first place. James Williams visits Holly Beach, LA to learn what Hurricane Rita uncovered.
Planetary Meteorologist
Massive hurricanes! Poisonious Clouds! Extreme Temperatures! Just a routine day for a Planetary Meteorologist.
Into the Eye
A plane flies into the eye of the hurricane to monitor a cloud seeding experiment.
Hurricane-Proof House
Watch the effects of 100 mph winds on a home and our host, Kevin.
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