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Mar 18, 2014 01:00 PM ET // Tim Wall
A lightning forecast could help save lives and prevent horrific injuries. Continue reading →
Mar 5, 2014 01:15 PM ET // Discovery News
A coal seam fire in Australia has been burning for a month. See the battle against the mountain of fire.
Feb 10, 2014 04:51 PM ET // Sheila M. Eldred
The world's deadliest mushroom can kill you after a few mouthfuls, but a drug derived from milk thistle may help. Continue reading →
Jan 31, 2014 02:12 PM ET // Tim Wall
Heart-healthy chemicals are identified in seed oil from hemp, marijuana's non-intoxicating cousin. Continue reading →
Jan 3, 2014 04:03 PM ET // Tim Wall
From 1999 to 2011, men accounted for nearly 70 percent of hypothermia-related deaths in the United States. Continue reading →
Oct 2, 2013 09:48 AM ET // Tim Wall
Compost may harbor Legionella spp., the bacteria responsible for Legionnaire's disease, a potentially deadly form of pneumonia. Continue reading →
Sep 23, 2013 07:36 AM ET // Larry O'Hanlon
A global model shows that the health benefits of reducing fossil fuel use are a huge new reason to move to a low-carbon economy. Continue reading →