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Sep 22, 2014 01:00 AM ET // Patrick J. Kiger
On your next walk in the woods, keep an eye out for some of these wildflowers which bloom later in the year.
Jun 16, 2014 08:30 AM ET // Jennifer Viegas
A once-in-a-lifetime event is happening in California, where an endangered enormous plant that blooms every 100 years readies to burst into thousands of flowers.
May 29, 2014 06:00 AM ET // Tim Wall
Flowers often need reproductive help from birds and bees, not to mention bats, moths, lizards and primates.
Apr 14, 2014 06:00 AM ET // Paul Heltzel
Check out these flowering plants that can help give bees a boost.
Mar 20, 2014 08:36 AM ET // Tim Wall
More than two-thirds of Rocky Mountain wildflowers bloom earlier, peak sooner or continue blooming later in the year compared to the 1970s. Continue reading →
Jan 22, 2014 06:00 AM ET // Larry O'Hanlon
Plants have the same protein that allows birds to navigate using Earth's magnetic field. But does that mean plants feel the magnetic field too?
Dec 19, 2013 03:30 PM ET // Christina Reed
Molecular geneticists have unlocked the genomic secrets of the oldest known existing species of a flowering plant on Earth.
Oct 7, 2013 05:48 AM ET // Gayathri Vaidyanathan
Stress experienced by individual bees over a prolonged period of time begins to affect the entire colony, and can lead to colony collapse. Continue reading →
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