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Apr 19, 2016 05:33 PM ET // Laura Geggel, LiveScience
The earthquakes that rattled Japan last week have nothing to do with the strong earthquake that shook Ecuador this past weekend. Continue reading →
Apr 17, 2016 10:07 AM ET // AFP
The magnitude 7.8 temblor tumbled houses and left hundreds trapped under rubble. Continue reading →
Mar 31, 2016 04:41 AM ET
Would your office building stand a chance of surviving a serious earthquake? Depending on where you live, new construction might need to defend against a violently shaking Earth.
Mar 31, 2016 08:40 AM ET // Patrick J. Kiger
About 7 million Americans live in areas where there's a potential for damaging shaking from artificial seismic events.
Feb 6, 2016 11:41 AM ET // AFP
A powerful earthquake in Taiwan killed 13 people, and nearly 100 homes which were toppled. Continue reading →
Jan 28, 2016 06:43 PM ET // Jeanna Bryner, LiveScience Managing Editor
The cause of the booms remains elusive, with NASA, a Naval airbase and the Federal Aviation Authority saying they aren't responsible. Continue reading →
Jan 26, 2016 07:00 AM ET // Patrick J. Kiger
Tons of snow and ice sliding down a mountainside is a frightening prospect.
Jan 13, 2016 09:45 AM ET // Larry O'Hanlon
Massive, earthquake-triggered landslides can ski-jump through the air, according to new research.
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